They asked for a funny blogger…


On Friday evening at approximately ten past seven pm it pinged to mind that I should probably check my blog email address. I typed in my username, tapped in the password, waited a few moments for the internet to cooperate and then ping. A new email. From Ticketek. Congratulating me for being chosen as a Comedy Fest Blogger. With the opening gala starting at 8pm that evening. PANIC. EXCITEMENT. PANIC. OOPS!!!

See I hadn’t really expected to be chosen. When Ticketek and the NZ International Comedy Festival asked for bloggers/ writers to submit to become a V.I.P. Festival Blogger they specifically asked for funny people. Am I funny? Maybe? Probably not. I don’t think so. But I do appreciate funny people and I definitely enjoy live shows, so I thought here goes! And boom, success.

So back to Friday night – with only fifty minutes to get down to the theatre I naturally spent about 20 of them running around the house like an absolute headless chicken. What do I wear, what do I need to take, oh crap, I’ve snapped my Archie’s Girls lipstick. But by some feat of nature I managed to get myself all prettied up and down to the Civic in time for the opening Gala. Ga-la. (Say it a few times, it’s a nice word). 

So how about the show? Well if you’re paying attention you’ll be able to watch it for yourself tonight at 8:30 on TV3. It’s my job to tell you why.

Hosted by Jeremy Corbett, this years Comedy Gala was the 21st which meant we got to play comedian speed dating with 21 local and international comics, 1 stage, 4 minutes each, 3 hours. The comedians got a bit of a raw deal as they were the only ones having to sell themselves and as Corbett put it – as soon as he walked out on stage all the women had already decided whether or not they wanted to sleep with him, talking was only going to turn us off. But I promise that wasn’t the case.

Faces that I particularly enjoyed and would suggest you look out for are UK comic’s Stephen K. Amos talking swimming and eye sight and The Boy With Tape On His Face – just watch and NZer’s Guy Williams on race relations and James Nokise on why camp beats gangster. But all in all the show is a good laugh, sweetened by the comedy fest pineapple lumps I’d received on entry.

Another thing I should mention is that this year you, yes you, sitting at your computer, probably pants-less can vote for your favourite comedian. Watch the video below for more details or go to the website here. Psst there’s a prize involved if you vote.


The New Zealand International Comedy Festival runs until the 19th of May and I’ll be dropping in to plenty more shows over the period! Stay tuned for more! Or something.


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5 Responses to They asked for a funny blogger…

  1. I’m so bummed that the festival doesn’t come to Christchurch, we could do with a laugh :)! To save yourself from a feature panic, perhaps you could set up a forwarding option so when an email appears in your blog email, it will appear in your main email too :)?

    Loved your post though, very funny! Glad you made it there in one piece!

    • madicattt says:

      Thanks for the advice! I usually have all of the emails coming through to Outlook on my laptop but since it was the midsemester break I’d been a bit lapse on keeping up with my emails full stop. Woops.

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