Grass Heads


Grass Heads pre hair growth.

When I was little I went to a tiny primary school in Hamilton called St Pius X Primary School. While I was only there until I was seven my memories of that school are full of fun things like ‘Bring your pet to school day’ aka bring your horse or goat or whatever crazy pet you had to school day, Christmas Choir performances at Centre Place and what I’ll call for the purpose of this (since I’ve since forgotten what it was called), The Garden Festival.

The Garden Festival was a chance for us to learn about plants and flowers and vegetables disguised as an art project and involving a flower show where the best arrangements got ribbons. That alone pretty much made it the best thing ever. But then there was also something else – the Grass Heads.

I’d pretty much forgotten about Grass Heads until Lucy came home from school announcing that we absolutely had to make them during the school holidays. Science/ Arts/ Hair Dressing project all in one? Challenge accepted.

Grass Heads - One week on.

Grass Heads – One week on.

Our Grass Heads may still be in the infantile stage of hair growth, but the school holidays aren’t so I thought that I’d throw this up for anyone to try with their kids, siblings, nieces and nephews, kids they baby sit etc and we can experiment together!

To make two Grass Heads you will need:

  • One pair of stockings
  • Grass seed
  • Soil/ sand
  • Bits and bobs to decorate
  • A mug to make things easier
  • A glue gun

GRASS HEADS 1Begin by cutting the feet off your stockings – you want to leave enough length for it to be a bit of a trouser sock. This will be the skin of your Grass Head. 

Stretch your newly made sock over the mug so that the toe hangs into the sock. Then fill ‘er up with soil and/or sand. When its about half way full sprinkle in some grass seed. We used alot.  Next it’s time to top her off with more soil. You may want to pull the sock out at this point to gauge how big she’s getting and to shape her into more of a ball/ oval/ shape of your choice.

Make sure that she’s tightly packed, then once you’re happy with the size and shape use the length of the sock to tie a knot and seal it all in. You can choose to cut the excess off but we left it on to help with the watering.


You’ve now got your head, but it’s time to make a face. We used googly eye buttons from Geoff’s Emporium, a random selection of buttons and some red leather but with a glue gun as your new bff you can pretty much use anything.

GRASS HEADS2And as easy as that you’re done. Give your brand new baby Grass Head a little bath of water and leave it sitting in the mug. The mug will collect any water drips while providing a stand at the same time. If you’ve left the tail on then you can put some water in the bottom of your mug – the tail will slurp it up and water your seeds as they need it.

Finally, put your Grass Head in a sunny spot and wait. Soon it will start to sprout and in no time at all you’ll be able to style its hair!


I’ll keep you updated with the progress of our Grass Heads, but if anyone else tries this out I’d love to see yours!



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