Whoopie Cakes


Technically I’m not supposed to eat wheat or dairy… or a few things really (IBS problems)  but this past week I have been absolutely obsessing over Whoopie Cakes. Soft, moist, absolutely mouth wateringly beautiful Whoopie Cakes. Then my friend Rebecca started talking about Cake Pops and I was totally ruined. There was still a little bit of hope left for my poor stomach though and that was the fact that the only store was in Grey Lynn.

Then a Newmarket store opened and it was all over.

The desire of my taste buds were talking a bit more loudly then the desires of my stomach bacteria and so on Saturday afternoon I popped into the new Whoopie Cake store in Nuffield st.

Tucked into a tiny shop I actually walked past it at first but once I spotted it I found the usual Whoopie Cake set up – an array of full sized cakes, a row of mini cakes and cake pops galore plus popcorn, a coffee machine and a menu of Whoopie Cake smoothies.

I picked up a Gorgeous cake which is essentially a giant Ginger Kiss – but better and a few cake pops to share around.

While Whoopie Cakes may be a bit on the luxurious side price wise – if I was going to eat a cake, it would be this. (My next pick is going to have to Mighty – Mint Chocolate!!!)

If you want to quench your Whoopie Cake desires for yourself then head along to Nuffield St or 2a Hakanoa St, Grey Lynn!

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2 Responses to Whoopie Cakes

  1. I frigging love whoopie pies! They are so delicious, much prefer them over cupcakes, yum yum! I love the store, I haven’t been in there myself, but I will definitely go in next time I’m in Auckland, I’m in love with their menu board!!!

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