NZMM: Casual Rager Playlist

My friends are quite fond of the casual ‘rager.’ When you’re having a quiet night of drinks with only a few people and then it evolves and there’s Destiny Child impressions happening and the boys have had to cover the floor in cushions to avoid the neighbours coming over and telling them off for jumping around like elephants…

The casual rager tends to begin with Teenage Dirtbag and escalate from there. Imagine Now That’s What I Call Music – when people used to actually buy it.

A rager is not a rager though without nostalgia and damn good songs and so this is where kiwi music comes in. And not Nature’s Best or the Studylink hold playlist. Some of the songs on that list are good sure, but they get lauded as classic Kiwi songs ALL THE TIME.

So I’ve decided to create a ‘casual rager’ playlist for New Zealand Music Month. (Potentially most appropriate for people who grew up in the 90s).

It’s only appropriate to kick things off with Shihad and Jon Toogood – King of the World. It’s weirdly hard to find good videos of Shihad on YouTube. I’d advise a good smattering of the band is suitable though.

I always knew that Shihad was good but didn’t fully get it until I first saw them live at a Big Day Out. The same can be said for Steriogram.

If you don’t have the neighbours getting a little worried yet. You’re not doing it right. I don’t quite know what happened to The D4. But they were good.

On a similar note, while I feel like this may push me into the realm of Outrageous Fortune (Cambridge is pretty much West Auckland). It was sort of exciting to be 11 and listening to this. Yes that ages me.

Earlier this year I went to a music video shoot. They were shooting a party scene and I kept thinking of this. This video is probably responsible for how awkwardly I dance.

Like a lot of good things casual ragers tend to peak early. So there’s no one better to get slightly emotional and scream along at the top of your lungs to than Julia Deans. Auckland’s Sexiest Woman for 2012.

And there’s Sophie. Oh Sophie.

New Zealand has a lot of good music. So watch this space for NZMM Playlist #2 – Ridin’ 

For an extended playlist: click here. 


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