Idiots of Ants


Following Stephen K Amos I also went to see Idiots of Ants last night and I will be honest. They were an act who did not stand out to me at all during the Comedy Gala.

I’ll give you a hint now that that was very silly.

Winners of the New Zealand Best International Show Award in 2012, Idiots of Ants is a comedy sketch group featuring Brits Andrew Spiers, Elliott Tiney, Benjamin Wilson and James Wrighton. Well received internationally, their latest show Model Citizens opens with the boys introducing a prospective flatmate to their lounge. Complete with a couch, coffee table, small dining table, flowers, the flats looking pretty respectable – but there’s one catch, it has an audience who must be entertained.

What followed was a hurricane of sketches – some funnier than others, but all achieving a good level of laughter. Every now and then the audience was acknowledged and to my delight the primary victim happened to be my friend Ali – ‘Oh my gosh, Ali, I can’t believe it! I haven’t seen you since we dated five years ago.’

While we had a good time though… I’m not sure if the Idiots of Ants themselves would have. From a broken glass on stage to a music track that just didn’t want to behave. You could say that the show didn’t run smoothly – but that was part of its magic. Sketch comedy thrives on improv and when done well improv can be hilarious.

With dance routines, juggling (of babies), injured balls and a full orchestra to play with, Idiots of Ants have created a show that reminds you of comedy sketch shows you loved as a kid (or maybe still love) – but it’s a bit more dynamic that Whose Line is it Anyway and it has a bit more edge than The Amanda Show. It’s silly, slightly wrong and very importantly – it has flashing lights.

I would highly recommend this show – if it was the winner last year, it may just be the winner this year too. But get in quick as this show closes on Saturday night. Make a night of it even and do the double whammy – Stephen K Amos + Idiots of Ants.

You can find tickets and more details here.


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