NZMM: ‘Ridin’ Playlist

Last week to celebrate New Zealand Music Month, I gave you the ‘casual rager’ playlist. This week I give you ‘ridin’. Aka when you’re having a casual rager but want to get down with the homies kiwi style. Or alternatively, when you’re just driving around wanting to listen to New Zealand’s Hottest Hip Hop Beats. From 2004 or earlier.

I apologise in advance for my commentary. It’s really quite poor.

If it was the early 2000s and you were a NZ hip hop artist then the obvious place to shoot your video was Britomart. Shiny and slightly space age? Perfect for getting your pimp on. I also associate Dei Hamo with hitting puberty. For various reasons so that’s good.

This video. Dem derriers.

Part of the novelty of the above video from Savage was the sense that no way, this couldn’t be a home grown artist. In this video for Mareko, music video director Sophie Findlay whipped it out of the bag again. Patriotism in New Zealand? Woah there.

And then there was Fast Crew, featuring Dane Rumble before Dane Rumble happened. Fast Crew was pretty cool was I was 13 and one time I went to Starbucks in Ponsonby just as they were leaving. My friend who was with me got so excited that she took the coffee stirrers they’d been using home with her. I really hope that she knows who she is.

As for Misfits of Science I had totally forgotten that they ever existed before finding these videos on YouTube. But this video is cool. They look like bobble head dolls!

At some point my cousin Felix got given Nesian Mystik’s cd and soon after that it became my cd. And it was good, tracks from central Auckland that weren’t from Arch Hillesque musicians – novelty. 

At my high school we had this thing called ‘Marist Day’, every year the 7th formers would pick a theme and put on a show and fun events for the rest of the school. In my 6th form the theme was Kiwiana and I made a video for the 7th formers about the day. Screems from da old plantation majorly featured. Then the school told me to take it off YouTube. Thanks Marist for killing my YouTube career before it was even born.

I don’t think that I need to justify Aaradhna.

And last but not least Fat Freddy’s. These boys were my staple for when I was on prayers at school (Hope or Del Fuego was my track of choice) and their end of summer gigs in Grey Lynn park are still probably some of my favourite summer moments. Yellow parachute pants, Dou Bro Crowns, a hint of pasture in the air and swaying hips. <3

For an extended playlist hit here. I’m still working on it so if you have any suggestions then don’t be afraid to share.

Next week I’ll stop pretending that I’m ten odd years younger than I am and get into more contemporary tunes. NZMM meets modernity. 


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