According to a local radio host, women shouldn’t rap. He probably thinks that women shouldn’t be comedians either. But there’s a reason why Rose Matafeo was Hilary Barry’s celebrity pick for this years NZ International Comedy Fest and that’s because she’s fucking funny.

I may not be next in line to be mother of the nation but Rose Matafeo happened to be one of my picks too and so last night I headed along to the opening night of her show, ‘THE ROSE MATAFEO VARIETY HOUR.’ 

Of that title I feel like variety is the most important word. It’s a show where you’re led to believe that Rose doesn’t quite know where she’s going with things and that maybe she might just spend the whole time filibusting. Over the course of the hour you’re treated to rollerskates, cats, hite + sprite, and undramatic readings of Kimberley Crossman’s ‘book’ – ‘Love You’. It’s pretty random, pretty silly and if it is just filibusting, then it’s filibusting with high comedic value and a truck load of spunk.

I’d recommend going to see Rose Matafeo for the following reasons both related and unrelated to the actual show.

  • She is hilarious on twitter. 
  • She named her cat Burt Bachacat.
  • She has a knack for pointing out how silly some things are. That’s really cryptic.
  • She does great and highly accurate plastic toy impressions and illustrates her sentences with a silly accent and shoulder shrug.
  • She does live readings of Kimberley Crossman’s anti-burn book. All the emoticons!
  • I’m pretty sure that she was at the first proper ‘teenage party’ I ever went to where the boys talked about how great anal is and smoked cigarettes off the ground (rude awakening I know). She probably won’t remember this/ know who I am.

Oh and did I mention that there’s a sparkly crop top involved? SPOILERS!

The Rose Matafeo Variety Hour is on at the Basement until this Saturday (aka the festival ends this weekend fyi). Go here, buy tickets, get amused. 


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