A week ago today I experienced Lorde‘s first official live gig. Lorde, the 16 year old who is  far too quickly tearing the world up. I feel a bit like pointing out her age is sort of misleading because the thing is, Lorde isn’t making it big because she’s a talented 16 year old. It’s because she’s talented full stop. It was a pretty exciting feeling however, standing in a room watching a girl perform for the first time to a packed out audience, all overly excited to be experiencing her.

Lorde live is sultry and a little seductive but at the same time bubbly and full of youth. It was really magnetic watching this vocal powerhouse take a sly moment for what must have been her internally yelling to herself, ‘HOLY FUCK HOW IS THIS HAPPENING.’ But she deserves it. With a combination of the already old favourites and some new tracks Lorde made it obvious that she won’t be a blink and you’ll miss her moment. This girl has talent and it’s exciting.


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