NZMM: Heteroclites

Heteroclite – irregular or abnormal, something that deviates from the ordinary rule or form.

The search for a title for this weeks playlist was difficult. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to frame what is essentially an indie/ alt playlist. So I thesaurus’d ‘alternative’ and ping! Got Heteroclite. Some may take the meaning as a bad thing but personally I like it.

It’s sort of funny though, writing a playlist like this because you soon realise – how can this music be alt or indie when it’s probably one of the largest genres in the country? I’m not complaining though because if there’s one thing that we do well it’s this sort of music.

If you were at Big Day Out in 2009 then I would have advised you to kick your day off at the local produce stage to see Bang Bang Eche. By 2011 they’d graduated to the Blue Stage as they well deserved it. Loud, head bangy, some have voiced surprise that there are still bands making music that sounds like this. But why hate on something that keeps the people moving?

Keeping with the BDO alumni trend, you may remember that Bandicoot opened the show in 2010. Like most teenage things, Bandicoot came to an end but from the ashes of destruction Sweet Daniel McBride has set out on his own in the form of his solo act, Sheep, Dog and Wolf. Howdoeshemakesomuchmusicbyhimselfidontknow?!

You could say that Cut Off Your Hands are kinda festival babes having played both Laneway and three BDO’s. Playing that Auckland indie I want to be like the Smiths kinda sorta jam this was a band who I actually bought physical copies of their music. Possibly because it was cheap. Also because it was good.

The American dream is rarely kind to New Zealand artists and for The Mint Chicks it was where they went to die. But rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, Ruben Nielsen created a new band – Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The name may be a bit random, the music is pretty random, but it’s perfect kiwi summer music, the windows down, the car rocking around the coast. Oh and they managed to get in on BDO just in time. Ka pai.

Now it’s time to divert from the theme thus far for acts who may not be BDO oldies but not for lack of talent or awesome factor. They’re also a bit newer which makes it harder to think of non wotty things to say about them. First up is Watercolours. Watercolours is mesmerizing, dreamy, sweet. Just watch the video.

The video is also pretty important for this song by The Wyld. Purely because I could not tell for the life of me if this was actually a local band. Turns out they are and turns out they’re pretty good live having rocked Auckland Uni at End of Daze last year.

Okay, don’t judge me but thissong is the song that reveals that I listen to National Radio. Guilty. Sorry. Not really. I first heard Jess Chambers because Katherine Ryan really likes her song ‘Pieces of Love’. Googling allowed me to find this – The Woolshed Sessions. Woolshed, New Zealand outdoorsyness, talented musicians. Can I come too?

And last but not least, Serenade. I have so many recordings of this song on my hard drive from various gigs. It was my favourite song for a very long portion of time, I made my friends go to a gig of theirs with me for my 16th birthday and my mother take me to a gig that was r18. <3

If this songs are a bit of your jam then head along to the extended playlist here and don’t be shy to add suggestions below!

Next week signals the last week of NZ Music Month and the last of the these posts. Casual Rager? Check! Ridin? Check! Heteroclites? Boom. Next up? Just wait and see.


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