Things that are GOOD Friday: 47


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It’s lunch time. Friday is dragging on. So here from me to you are this weeks Things that are GOOD!

At the moment I’m having to write an essay on Fake News. If you’re a steady Daily Show viewer, move on this won’t be news but John Oliver’s series on Gun Control is hilarious. When comparing Australian gun laws with the US –

John Oliver: Their mass shootings disappeared…

Philip van Cleave (Virginia Citizens Defense League): There were so few of them! WOOP DE DOO!

Mass shootings. Woop de doo. (ammmuuurrricuurrr).
Also YouTube commenters think that New Zealander’s have guns like the US. Lolwhat?

While we’re on the topic of misbeliefs about New Zealand – check out this reddit feed where a bunch of Kiwis get talking about Moa and Haast eagle attacks.

“I guess because we try to promote New Zealand as being a safe place (apart from the 40+ tourists who get washed out to sea every year) it’d be counterproductive to admit that we have a giant bird roaming the wilderness … that might scare some people.

As everyone else here has relayed, they’re quite timid so you’re unlikely to see one let along be attacked by one, but clearly Tourism New Zealand is keeping this one on the down low.”


Moving along, I need a smart phone. Need. Usually I’d just go straight to Apple but I keep hearing whispers that Samsung’s Galaxy range is better. Heresy I know. But I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground which meant finding this. Thanks Taika for being hilarious. Also – wanna give me a phone?

But if that fails Samsung are giving away a phone. Enter? YES.

Another giveaway I’d recommend getting on is Benefit’s! I headed along to their blogger bash on Wednesday night and had a great time playing with the products. I want them all!

Last but not least here are some tunes for your Friday afternoon. I’ve been listening to this mixtape by Samantha Ronson and JonNY Famous on repeat.


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