NZMM: What’s Good Right Now

For my last NZ Music Month post I was going to do it on contemporary New Zealand Hip Hop. And then I realised that I’m not cool enough to know that much. So instead this post is going to be about what’s good right now. Aka new and sort of new or just bands who still deserve some hype that are sprouting out of our little cloud like isle.

Bella Kalolo is a slice of Dream Girls, a dash of Amy, a musician who is 100% soul. Last year she joined the cast of ATC’s Little Shop of Horror’s and for me she stole the show. This video is from her 2011 album, Without The Paper.

Another great New Zealand artist with a voice worthy of a diva would have to be Aaradhna. Yes I may have featured her before, but that was when she was a little bit younger. This is Aaradhna now and she’s even better than ever. I love how she’s styled the music videos for this album, from the decor to the costume. It comes across as really Aaradhna and so cool.

Rounding up the girl power, how could I not include Lorde? That girl is taking off and it’s totally deserved. Did anyone try to watch Gap5’s performance of Royals after it aired on Sunday night? It was crazy. Within an hour it had already hit 2000 views and it took an hour for it to load for me. (This is why I don’t get invested in shows like XFactor) But seriously. What?!

I didn’t mean to make things segregated but it sort of just happened that way so next up on the list is the first of the men, in the form of David Dallas. David Dallas’ music videos are always spot on. From the kitten in ‘Take a Picture’ to the huge landscapes in ‘Ever Get the Feeling’ then back to white clean lines in this video. I love it. Also, I can’t deny the love for the Jamiroquai jam he’s been rocking. Poll time. Hands up if you got excited when they had a track on Sing Star Party? Guilty. If you’re not into David Dallas. Then I just. Move on.

Taking a swerve to the little bit political is Home Brew. According to Tom, Home Brew aren’t political, they’re just speaking to their experiences. Which proves my point that politics affects everyone. Because it is political. I chose this video because I love how the footage it references is powerful. Can anyone still watch the Bastion Point footage and say that race relations are all sweet in NZ? Really?

The boys have since moved on to create @Peace. The trend continues. Fuck yeah for art that actually takes in its surroundings. Stop living in a bubble.

Before I go totally political on you I feel like it’s time to round things up. If you’ve been following this series of posts then I hope you’ve enjoyed them. We actually create some really good sounds in New Zealand – its not just The Finns and Dave Dobbyn and we should celebrate it more.

If you want to recap on my previous NZ Music Month play lists then head here


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