Things that are GOOD Friday: 48

This week is a bit of a mixed bag. Talented people vs racist people.

To kick things off we’ll start with the talented people.

Lennon and Maisy are like 12/13 and 8 and are phenomenal. You really have to watch it to understand.

If you enjoyed that then their cover of Ho Hey by The Lumineer’s is pretty damn good too.

This next video takes on Rihanna and makes it something beautiful. Who knew it could be possible.

Moving along Hala aka Cleo is the bridge between – aka a talented person who challenges racist people (amongst other isms). A poet, a scholar, a do-er, she’s heading to do great things with the UN in New York and later in Egypt as of next week. She’s getting included this week because she is an inspiring person to know and be friends with. If you like passionate opinions on issues that matter in this world then follow her blog, Two Arab Girls. She’s going to be someone, I’m telling you now.

And last but not least this has been the week of New Zealander’s making a point of how totally crap they can be. (Cue the racist bit). Before I get to my link I just want to make a couple of statements.

  • What’s the point in paying tax if they don’t contribute to society?
  • Why is it okay to bail out huge companies, but not struggling families?
  • Why do we assume that all struggling families are ‘dole bludging’, useless, alcoholic, gambling low lifes?
  • Why do we seem to constantly forget that most struggling NZer’s are actually the working poor?
  • Why do we begrudge the working poor when minimum wage is only $13.50?!
  • And why do we seem to forget that week after week we hear about new sets of redundancies?
  • What is the point of paying tax if when you fall into hardship you can’t get something out of it to tide you over?

Okay that was a bit more than a couple. But after these comments from NZ Heralder’s I was already pissed off.

‘There are no poor people, but only lazy people in this country. NZ is such a nanny state.’ 

‘If a kid turns up to school hungry it should be fed & then the parents should be arrested for failing to provide the neccessities of life.’

But it didn’t take long for Al Nisbet to totally upstage silly NZ Herald commenters. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then this article does a pretty good job of explaining why they were so insulting. The totally lax attitude we have to racism is disgusting. Just because we don’t have public lynchings doesn’t mean that it’s okay to blatantly indulge in racist propaganda. The media constructs society’s opinions and the fact that two major papers decided to run Al Nisbet’s blatantly racist and slanderous cartoons and then attempted to reduce the insult by saying, ‘at least its getting a discussion started’ is shameful.


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