Forget Broadway, Hello Kent St

Newmarket Newmarket

When I was a teenager Newmarket was the place to go. We’d catch the train and spend the day roaming up and down Broadway. My first ever date took place at the Event Cinemas on Broadway and I went through a phase with my friend Amelia of going to the Olympic Pools to *exercise* aka sit in the sauna and have a weak attempt at casual floating around in the pool. It was a skin care thing we told ourselves.

But Newmarket soon lost its sheen. The quality of the shops and cafes along Broadway substantially declined, the staff in the few shops I did like tended to be insufferably rude *coughkwcough* and all in all it was soon forgotten.

Things may be a changing though. Sure, Broadway may not be the great street for strolling it used to be, but like we’ve seen down at Britomart the back streets are making a come back. Kent St, Teed St, Osborne St. They’re no longer the random streets you’d park in and forget about. They’re now the streets you want to go to.

Yesterday, taking a well needed day off I went for morning tea with my grandma and mama. We went to Teed St Larder for some tea and coffee, scones and beetroot and wild rice salad before heading down to the real business. Shopping. My grandmother is a great shopper and has an eye for all the deals and new shops. While she and my mother went home with some nice shoes each at steal prices, I was taken in by all the new shops!

Pocket Boutique

Pocket Boutique

My favourite was Pocket Boutique off Kent St. Curated by the people from Made, Pocket is full to the brim of covetable brands – A.P.C, Hailwood, those blue/cream Karen WalkerxBeauCoops shoes that I desperately wanted. Supposedly it’s all pre-loved or something. Although I wouldn’t have got that from the price tags. Nevertheless, I can see myself spending a lot of time down there, with Pearl across the lane, Dry and Tea next door and Sanderson Gallery right there in the mix as well.

Pocket Boutique

Pocket Boutique

Pocket boutique

Sanderson Gallery was another stand out, being the recently opened second site to their Herne Bay Gallery. The exhibition currently on site is called Peripheral Fantom Index by Young Sun Han and features a range of photos of his ancestors, recently escaped from North Korea. I’m looking forward to pop back in over the next few weeks to see more from a recent Elam graduate whose work I caught a glance of. The name escapes me which is pretty useless but her work is very pretty, very clever.

Now all I need is to find a girly friend and something nice to dress up for so that I can treat myself to a blow dry at Dry and Tea. Any takers?

Dry and Tea


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