Hell’s Teeth

Kris and Miriama - HELL'S TEETH

If you’re on twitter and a New Zealander then you probably remember when Chris Finlayson announced that we were currently in a golden age for the arts. A golden age people questioned? When funding for most arts programmes has been frozen how? How?! Well Chris Finlayson had the answers and one of them was crowd funding. Yes, crowd funding is now our golden saviour, the thing that has shot the arts to golden territory.

I’m inclined to disagree with Mr Finlayson, but I will admit that crowd funding is probably the golden saviour du jour.

Which brings me to my current cause.

Hell’s Teeth.

Before you all get bored I’ll outline my key points. Hell’s Teeth is the debut performance for my theatre company – Tell Tale Theatre Company. We’ll be putting it on at Mt Eden’s historic (and rarely seen) Crystal Palace Theatre from July 18-27th. But to make this happen we need your help. To pay for lighting gear, technicians, venue hire, advertising, costume, set, we need to raise $10,000. This is where you come in. Today we have launched a Boosted campaign. If you don’t know much about Boosted I’ll condense it for you. Boosted is run by the Arts Foundation and is a charitable trust for the arts. All money donated via Boosted is tax deductible and also makes you a patron of the arts. Fancy huh?

If you could donate, share this around, generally get the word out it would mean the world to me. I’ve literally slaved away over this little (coughhugecough) project and it’s pretty much my baby.


Hopefully you’re already sold but if you still want to know a little bit more then read on. 

Hell's Teeth - Beach scene

So as I’ve mentioned I’m part of a theatre company called Tell Tale Theatre.

Tell Tale Theatre was born out Rosalind Gardner’s youth companies at PASNZ, if you’re based in Auckland they may ring a bell as Between The Lines and Out Loud. In 2008, for Out Loud we devised and performed in a show called After, We Will… As a group we felt like the story really had legs and that we wanted to do it again, properly. A few years later a group of us rejoined with Ros at our helm to do it for reals.

With a few fresh faces on board, the play got a bit of reworking to its current realisation – Hell’s Teeth.

‘Hell’s Teeth’ is a post-apocalyptic multimedia performance set ninety years in the future. Aotearoa New Zealand is blighted with an epidemic of unknown origin and is isolated from the rest of the world. The only hint of outside communication is the signal broadcasting across all devices: parallel 38. With this their only clue, a group of desperate survivors traverse their once idyllic country to the signal’s origin: Kaitaia. Upon their arrival, nothing is what they expect. It is here, at the limits of their endurance and courage, joined by the metaphysical presence of their homeland, and haunted by the memories of the ghosts they’ve left behind, that we join the survivors for the unforgettable climax of their story.

Whetungarongaro te tangata toi tu whenua.
As man disappears from sight, the land remains.

Hell’s Teeth is due to hit the stage this July at the beautiful Crystal Palace Theatre in Mt Eden. Opened in 1916, The Crystal Palace is a peer of The Civic but has been mostly closed since the 1980’s. It is an amazing venue which we are really privileged to have access to and we can not wait to share it with our audiences.

To get there we need your help though. Please, contribute to Boosted and share the word amongst your friends.


Hell's Teeth - Helen

Don’t make me upload my begging face.


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