Hold Your Breath | The short film that is running out of time.


Hold Your Breath producers Alix Whittaker and Anna Duckworth with writer/director Jordan Dodson

What would you do if you only had two days?

Dream? Do? Act? Run? This is what Candlelit Pictures‘ latest project, Hold Your Breath is all about. With incarceration looming Ann has two days, that’s it, before what will be ten years plus of nothing. In those two days, Hold Your Breath will show Ann’s attempts to make memories, potent enough, vivid enough to sustain ten years worth of boredom. Based in New Zealand’s South Island, Hold Your Breath sounds like an exciting take on an age old question. The catch is, it has to get made before any of us can see it.

And somewhat suitably, Candlelit Pictures is running out of time to do this.

If you’re a film buff you may be aware that come the end of June, Park Road Post will be closing it’s Film Processing Lab. This lab is the last of its kind in Australasia. Hold Your Breath will therefore be the last short film shot on 35mm film in New Zealand. Possibly ever. This has given the Candlelit team a deadline that is creeping on closer at an alarming rate.

So with time running out on all fronts they decided to do something a bit crazy. They set out to raise 10 grand in 10 days on Pledgeme. At this point they only have three days left to go and have nearly hit target but since it’s Pledgeme they absolutely have to reach target or they get nothing!

It’s the usual Pledgeme set up, donate some money and get rewarded for it. Hoodies, DVDs of the short, you could even get some of the actual film they’re shooting on! Check out all the details here. 




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