Things that are GOOD Friday: 49

Recently things have begun to slowly snowball. Uni finishing for the semester usually means a little respite but with Hell’s Teeth opening in less than a month and one exam still lurking in the background it has meant all hands to the pump. From organising ticketing to advertising to wine sponsorship to techies to social media stuff – it turns out that making a play come to life is pretty (time consuming) work.

Not quite sure what I’m talking about? Hell’s Teeth is a play that I have been working on with Tell Tale Theatre Company, on and off for the last five years. Come the 18th of July we will finally be opening at the very pretty very interesting Crystal Palace Theatre in Mt Eden. It’s really exciting and sort of terrifying. If you’re interested in reading more then head along to our Boosted page here.

Have you heard of the 100 day project? It’s pretty cool – choose one creative exercise and repeat it for 100 days. Upload your progress to and watch others participate as well. I really wanted to do it but couldn’t find the space in my head to think of an idea. Nevertheless it’s been quite fun watching what other people have been working on. My mum is making maps – check them out here.

A while ago I listened to an interview with Jimi Hunt on RNZ. The thing that initially caught me was the fact that he rode a lilo down the entire length (Taupo to Hamilton) of the Waikato river to support depression. In doing so he broke fundraising records and now he has written a book. As far as ways of talking about depression and mental health goes, I quite enjoyed his take on it – not seeing the point of your counsellor? Yep, got that one. It’s a good interview and if you’re interested in the topic I’d recommend a listen. 


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