It’s In The Bag!


Image by Jane Hakaraia

How much?! TOO MUCH!

A few weeks ago Te Unga Waka Marae was taken over by Blue Bach Productions for the Grand Finale of It’s In The Bag. Now in it’s fifth season, It’s In The Bag is a reboot of Selwyn Toogood’s old Kiwi classic. Hosted by the gorgeous and hilarious duo that is Stacey Morrison and Pio Terei It’s In The Bag is a game show with soul. Travelling all over the country IITB gets into the community offering brave faces the money? Or te kete? Personally I’m all about te kete – winning a multi kai cooker? YES PLEASE. But watching Pio tease the contestants with ever increasing handfuls of money makes for good television.

The grand finale will be no exception putting the best of the nation to the test. Tune in to Māori TV this Sunday at 7:30 pm and be prepared to have your stomach falling on the floor as contestants battle their wit against Stacey and Pio’s. Playing with a live band, this show cannot be missed. I don’t want to give anything away but all I can say is dayum, we have some funny fullas out there. And hey, chances are you’ll see my face crying with laughter in the crowd (hopefully not).

If you haven’t caught IITB yet you’ve got time to catch up! Check out the show on demand here Don’t miss out on the fun. Don’t waste your time on XFactor. This Sunday Māori TV is where it’s at.

It’s In The Bag goes on tour every Summer, keep up to date here.


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