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I haven’t done one of these in a very long time. And I’m going to keep this one very short. All it takes is for you to follow THIS LINK and spend 2 minutes and 11 seconds watching a news clip. A news clip where instead of answering a serious question about the GCSB bill our prime minister starts talking about fish. Fish. This is the bill that the New Zealand Law Society is opposing, that New Zealander of the Year Dame Anne Salmond is opposing, that former Prime Minister and constitutional law specialist Sir Geoffrey Palmer is opposing – you get the picture? 

All from our prime minister who thinks that our brand is getting ‘misinterpreted’ by our customers….

Who is pushing through a bill that legalises spying on the population after he spent months crying about a political cup of tea being recorded…

But hey, if you’re not doing anything wrong then it’s all good right….. *facepalm*

Think of any other ridiculous examples of ‘politics’ in our fair isles then leave them below. I’ll send chocolate snapper to any that tickle my fancy.



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