The Factory Story


Rewind to March this year and it was the Auckland International Arts Festival and Kila Kokonut Krew were performing in The Factory. A vibrant new musical infused with fresh sounds from the Pacific (I reviewed it here). Flash forward a few months and The Factory has been transformed into The Factory Story, a web series exploring the same ideas transferred to the modern day.

The Factory Story follows the Saumaulu family as they vie to win The X Factory, a inter factory music competition. It’s a story of family, of love, competition, the struggles. It’s compelling and hilarious. I sat down yesterday and caught up on the fifteen episodes out so far. I found myself totally absorbed, laughing and singing along as the songs got stuck in my head.

One of my good friends Shaan Kesha plays Dev in the show so enlisting the help of my cellphone I asked him a couple of questions:

What do YOU think is interesting about the story?

There are many things about the story that people would find appealing. However if I was to pick one thing that stands out to me, it would have to be the sense of family and the culture that goes with it. I also feel that the show addresses, as well as breaks down, the many stereotypes associated with Pacific Islanders who make a living in South Auckland. I learned a lot about PI culture while on-set and hopefully for those who have not been exposed to this culture, it will give them a bit of an insight into what it is all about.

What scene was your favourite to shoot?

Ooh! I would have to say the interaction between Moana and Dev at the Skate Park shown in Episode Two – Gafa. The weather was perfect, energy levels were high (well for me at least) and I personally had a lot of fun acting alongside Maiya (Thompson) exclusively as this gave us the opportunity to develop the relationship between these 2 characters.

Kila Kokonut Krew dropped the most recent episode this morning and I can’t wait to get home and have a look. It’s exciting to see another locally grown web series online. I’ve been a fan of the format for a long time, religiously watching LonelyGirl15 and the spin offs that followed. Flat Three and now The Factory Story have shown that it’s a great format for New Zealand stories. (Is this an appropriate place to say that I would love to be a part of one?).

Check out episode one of The Factory Story above or online here!


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