Things that are GOOD Friday: 51

Let’s talk about FODMAPs. What are FODMAPs you ask? Let me introduce you.

FODMAPs are a group of sugars including galactans, fructans, fructose and polyols that are poorly absorbed into the small intestine. FODMAPs are poorly absorbed by most people but can cause particular problems for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

That’s where I come in. Late last year I had some pretty icky tests and was diagnosed with IBS. Since then I’ve been trying to follow a low FODMAPs diet. Trying being the operative word.

The FODMAPs diet is a bit challenging though…

Being on a diet like this makes eating a bit of a ‘mare. To be honest I mostly live on Sushi and I’ve worked out which things trigger me more than others (bread, coffee and oily rich foods are particularly bad for me). Not being able to eat wheat is the worst, avoiding onion and garlic is harder than you’d think. Gluten free food is usually foul…

But I’m slowly making progress so I thought I’d share some recipes/ places to eat that make life a million times easier.

Wise Cicada:

    Nestled behind Newmarket, this place is the best. Their salads are beyond belief and they mark which things have garlic/ onion etc in them. It makes ordering lunch quite easy.

Little Bird:

    Located in Kingsland Little Bird is kind of evil but divine. It’s great for sweet treats and their muesli is top notch. Everything at Little Bird is also G/F and raw.


    I used to think that revive was bit pricy until one of my workmates let me in on a little secret (sign up to their email newsletter and get discount vouchers!) With this little nuggets of knowledge I have become obsessed. The next step is to get a Revive cookbook so I can make the yummy treats at home!

Julia and Libby:

    These girls have a similar attitude towards food as I do – clean, fresh, unprocessed. Their blog is fantastic with loads of yummy recipes and really interesting articles (my current favourite). I love it.

Be Good Organics:

Another recommendation from my workmate Be Good Organics is a bit of a new discovery for me but I’m loving the recipe ideas. I can’t wait to try the 4Cs Soup.

Doughless Pizza:

    Last but least I think it’s pretty safe to say that pizza is delicious. Pizza without wheat gets a bit tougher though. There are lots of great options like Venerdi’s pizza bases but this recipe using potato is such a great idea. I had a small one for lunch on Wednesday and loved it.


Gluten/ FODMAPs free and have some yummy tricks up your sleeve? Share them below!

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