It’s a little bit delicious

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This is slightly evil but hugely delicious. A hash brown stack that will have your taste buds drooling. Okay mine are drooling already and I don’t even have one of these sweet babies in front of me.

How did it come about? A general love for hash browns paired with a trip to the Hungarian deli in Manurewa.

The Hungarian Deli is an interesting experience. Hidden away in a garage in a suburban cul de sac in the middle of Manurewa you’d be forgiven for being a bit dubious about its wonder. However popping a slice of their salami in your mouth will dissolve any doubt. I headed out there with my father after football one morning and this breakfast delight was what eventuated.

So enough about the story. How do you make it?

To make a mouth wateringly sumptuous hash brown stack you’ll need:
– 1 hash brown
– 1 toasted piece of bread
– 1 poached egg
– Enough slices of smoked Hungarian salami to cover a piece of bread
– Mayonnaise
– Barbeque Sauce
I told you it was a little evil…

To assemble cover your toast with a layer of salami and smash your poached egg on top. Next smear your hash brown with mayonnaise and a dribble of Barbeque sauce. Another variation of this I tried was aioli and pumpkin hummus (yum!). Place your hash brown on top of your egg and your good to go.

This is just the base – depending on your hunger level you can add another hash brown and poached egg (have your toast in the middle), remove the toast, add a grilled tomato. You get the picture. If you can get your hands on it smoked salt takes it to a new level as does Pumpkin Ciabatta from Wild Wheat. 

Excuse me now while I go have a little dribble.



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