Things that are GOOD Friday: 52

Good thing 1: It’s no secret that Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl has the best Instagram feed out. It helps that she’s been travelling to some pretty gorgeous locations but she also has an eye for taking photos that makes everyone elses feeds look a bit pathetic. Instagram inspiration? I think so.



Good Thing 2: I haven’t posted a collection of wishes in a while but with Spring edging closer and closer these things are on my mind..

August wishes

The striped Betty Boobs lingerie set from Rose & Thorne, Clubmasters Sunnies from Rayban, a Doctor Who themed purse on Etsy (already snapped it up oops), Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick – how did I not know The Warehouse stocks Rimmel!? and Mint Trumpets (vote for it come back here!). Last but not least Spring means Sweet Peas. I’m predictable.


Good Thing 3: On a different note it’s exciting to see that TV providers are slowly starting to get their heads around how people want to watch television in the Internet Age. Arrested Development posted a whole season online at once and now TVNZ has Scandal airing exclusively OnDemand. Sure they’re up to Season 3 in the US but it’s a start right? With this on the mind I’m excited for next Thursday’s #SMCAKL where the theme is Social TV.


Good Thing 4: One of my favourite books is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s beautiful, clever, an example of magical realism. All great things in my book and it’s being made into a movie. I’ll admit that I’m pretty wary of book to film adaptations – none of my favourite books have come across as well in film as they did on the page but I’m still a little bit excited!


Good Thing 5: Last but not least I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and have no idea what I want done. I thinking a fringe ala Kate Johnson in this picture and maybe going a bit lighter. But if anyone wants to send me some inspiration that would be great!


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2 Responses to Things that are GOOD Friday: 52

  1. Emma says:

    Mint trumpets were my favourite! I had completely forgotten about them! I can’t believe they have the least votes, they are the best!!! Thanks for showing me this, I want them to come back now :)

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