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I can’t believe that I have never blogged about Mezze before. During high school we’d be there every week for cake and coffee and while I haven’t been quite as frequent a patron in the years since but it is still probably my favorite inner city cafe.

Hidden away in Little High St Mezze is a Mediterranean Cafe/ Restaurant. It’s cosy and comfortable with a combination of couches and tables and chairs and the staff are consistently friendly.

These pictures are from a few months ago when I popped by for my friend Ivana’s birthday lunch. I had a smoked chicken and haloumi salad (which I have since become obsessed with) while the girls had variations of meaty sandwiches with a side of satay chicken nibbles. Ivana will tell you – it’s the sauce that makes it.

If you’re looking for a real cafe in town then Mezze is a great choice, it’s open at night as well and is perfect of you’re wanting a nice meal without the pressure of a fancy restaurant.

Try the Berry Custard Cake, any of the sandwiches or salads. Your taste buds will love you for it.

Now for the real question… Who wants to buy me lunch there this week?


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4 Responses to Mezze

  1. The first photo looks tasty. Is that the chicken nibbles? When I was in high school we had our regular cafe which was Cima on High Street. My friends and I would be there every weekend and we made our way through their whole menu and then some. I wonder if all high schoolers have their very own hangout?

  2. keraoregan says:

    Haha! I went there on Saturday after a friend took me there for the first time last week- took plenty of pics to blog but it looks like you have beaten me to it! Have you been with the live guitarist? It’s awesome :D

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