Mosaik Mt Eden

IMG_3528If I was to compare myself to an animal at eating times, I would have to be honest and say that I am like a Gannet. Food is one of my major obsessions and whilst I don’t necessarily always enjoy having eaten it, I love the idea of eating more than anything.

This means that when it comes to ordering I struggle terribly. My internal dialogue dithers and dathers with ideas like, ‘do I really need to order just one meal’ or ‘will everyone want to share?’. Sharing plates have made my life tenfold times easier but the choices still remain.

One of the hardest battles comes at breakfast time. It’s very easy to order a big breakfast, but all I really want is the eggs, bacon, hashbrown and avocado, maybe some corn fritters, what about hollandaise? Some cafes make things easy by allowing you to pick and choose things. A lot don’t.  And then I went to Mosaik.

Mosaik was our go to cafe during Hell’s Teeth. Located in Mt Eden Village it looks like nothing much from the outside but once you venture indoors you’ll find that the staff are incredibly friendly and the food is delicious. The best bit? Instead of just doing regular Eggs Benedict and Big Breakfasts they do special ones as well – A Corn Fritter Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Avocado take your fancy? Well why don’t you!

I indulged in this meal during production week and again it’s been a meal that has stuck in my mind (which is why I’m now blogging about it so late after the fact!). Everything about it was full flavoured, cooked to perfection and served elegantly.

The menu doesn’t stop there either. If you don’t fancy corn fritters then how about a hand-made hashbrown (a HUGE hash brown may I add)? Feeling like a light dinner in a cosy location? Then try the Chorizo and Prawns with Ciabatta. Or how about those days when you just want chips? Then the ‘Special Wedges’ with Salsa and Bacon and Sour Cream should fill the spot. Over the past few months I have eaten at Mosaik a lot and I will promise you now, it never disappoints.

If you’re interested in investigating Mosaik for yourself then you’ll find it on a corner of Mt Eden Villages’ main intersection, across the road from Frasers and Barfoot and Thompson. Don’t be put off by the generic looking signage. It’s a treat I promise!

Also psst – looking for a venue? Upstairs you’ll find a bar, dining area and lounge – perfect for a 21st or other similar event. They’re incredibly welcoming so go say hi!


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