Things that are GOOD Friday: 53

the fashion week edition. 

This week hissed off to a fine start when I won tickets to Twenty Seven Names’ show at NZ Fashion Week. I’d already decided that I’m not really a fashion blogger (at all) so there was little point in me bothering to go to Fashion Week this year, but then Telecom posted a giveaway on Twitter and I couldn’t not enter. Twenty Seven Names is easily one of my favourite New Zealand designers and last years show totally stole my heart. When I won tickets I was pretty stoked.

A glimpse of Twenty Seven Names….

Unfortunately being on a Tuesday morning I couldn’t find a single soul to accompany me. Off Maddy No Friends trudged, coconut water in hand (what a cliché) towards the Viaduct Events Centre when out of nowhere I met another lovely lady in a similar state to my own. (I think the coconut water gave me away). Both friendless we paired up, sitting together for the show. It all worked out perfectly and I got to see some beautiful clothes, amazing hair and say hi to some cool people in the process.

The rest of fashion week I’ve experienced via Twitter, Blogs and Websites which to be honest I’ve quite enjoyed. You get to see the best bits picked out for you and delivered to your lap without any of the waiting around, frantic rushing, trying to take photos and failing… you get the picture. Fashion bloggers, I thank you and I admire you for your efforts.

So this weeks things that are GOOD are going to be a selection of some of my favourite bits from this years fashion week coverage.

favourite hair.

Twenty Seven Names / Source: Katherine is AwesomeLela Jacobs / Source: Thread

L: Twenty Seven Names / Source: Katherine is Awesome R: Lela Jacobs / Source: Thread

After Twenty Seven Names I became obsessed with the hair… obsessed. Like as in I made myself late for work yesterday and without breakfast or lunch so that I could try to attempt it. It sort of happened. I just need to work out how to get more vertical volume. 

I’m also quite taken with the hair from Lela Jacobs in a – I tried to crimp my hair recently and instead my crimping iron blew up in my hand and it was sad and I just really need to relive that dream sort of way.

favourite pieces. 

Hailwood / Source: Lani SaysTwenty Seven Names / Source: Lani Says
L: Hailwood R: Twenty Seven Names / Source: Lani Says

Twenty Seven Names is always going to slot in here because it’s just… me. They make silhouettes that I would actually wear (if I could afford it) and in my staple colour palette. I asked my mum to guess what my favourite piece was. She picked it straight away. Cream as per. Sigh. I’m not even sure if it’s my favourite.. it’s just. Cream.

I also adored the coats from Hailwood. Again, things I would totally wear if I had more of a disposable income. Also…. those dresses. You know the ones, the ones from Penny Pickard in red down on Lani’s post… Yep, you see them.

favourite make up. 

NZ Weddings Show / Source: Katherine is AwesomeNZ Weddings Show / Source: Katherine is Awesome

Fashion week make up is usually fascinating.. but a lot of the time it’s not really applicable to my every day wear and tear. The New Zealand Weddings show had really pretty make up though. I would totally recreate that all. the. time.

favourite cool thing. 

So Shirlina Deans of Best Felt Friends has been doing what I reckon is some of the coolest instant coverage of the shows by takings Vines of the finales. (e.g.)This is cool for two reasons. A – It’s a cool snapshot of the show. B – It showed me how much better Vine is functionality wise compared to Instavideo. So thumbs up Shirl!

Also, the underground show looked very cool. Pretty artsy, pretty fun, pretty messy cool. It reminds me a bit of the Unitec grad shows… Lani has great photos here.

people to follow. 

Maybe you already know all these people and I’m just regurgitating what everyone else is saying. Maybe you don’t. But this is where I’ve been getting #nzfw updates from:

Also – if you haven’t checked out #overheardatnzfw do it.

Fashion week isn’t over yet. I’m writing this in the early hours of the morning so there’s still all of the shows today + the fashion weekend. I’m not planning of going to any of it (I have a Tanuki’s feast planned for tonight instead eeeee!) but I’m excited to see what pops up.

Thanks again to the clever people taking all the photos and letting us all peek inside the shows. All of the original sources can be found by clicking on the photos!


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