What I saw – NZ Fashion Weekend

Grayson Coutts gets to work creating the perfect skin using Smashbox products.

I said that I wasn’t going to go to anything else for New Zealand Fashion Week but then I won tickets to the Smashbox Seminar from Dani McAllen of Dani, Just Is. I grabbed my friend Anya and we headed along on Saturday morning to see what they had to show.

Prior to the seminar I didn’t know much about Smashbox. I knew that it was stocked at Life Pharmacies but it’s not a brand that I’m very well acquainted with. After the seminar I am now convinced to make change that.

The seminar was pretty simple in format. Four make up artists, four models from the audience, four looks and lots of questions. The question element was great. As an audience we were able to ask any make up related questions and the make up artists would give their tips and advise on what Smashbox products we could use to realise them.

This model was just plucked out of the audience. She was stunning.

A tip I think I’ll put to good use is when applying a look with heavy eye shadow start with the eyes. You can then use primer to get rid of any drop down. I tried this out on Saturday night and it worked a treat!

After the Smashbox seminar Anya and I popped into the Designer Garage Sale when we were approached by a girl who offered us tickets to the Ponsonby Road Show. We happily accepted them (Thanks kind girl!) and headed to the main shed.

Awkwardly we arrived to find that our seats had been sold twice. The show was about to start, the ushers were getting crazy flustered and we ended up getting directed to sit in the front row. Score!

I wasn’t too taken by Storm but Taylor was made up of my go to colour palette and Kingan Jones and Andrea Moore totally caught my eye. I never would have thought to shop in either before but now I most definitely will have to go and have a look (and perhaps spend the $50 vouchers I received in my goody bag).

Kingan Jones
Kingan Jones

Andrea Moore
Andrea Moore
Andrea Moore

The blue dress. I mean really. Just stop.

The rest of Saturday involved getting sushi, hanging around the house and then taking Izzy to Lorde (which was amazing by the way). Saturday. I like you.


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