Earlier this year I won a competition to be the official blogger for the New Zealand Comedy Fest. It was a huge surprise for me to win and quite exciting. I got to head to a handful of shows and as an added bonus received a $200 voucher for Tanukis Sushi and Sake Bar (You can check out my reviews from the Comedy Fest here). Somehow I only just managed to use it this Friday past and oh my was it a good time.

Tanukis is renown for being a great place to get Japanese but in the past I’ve only ever popped in for a quick pre show snack. This time I had $200 to spend, four very willing male bellies with me and lots of options. We went to town.

Spinach and Edamame Beans
P1030470The most superbly fresh Tempura Prawn Sushi I have ever eaten, Soft shell crab and Tempura Vegetable in the background.
Soft shell crab and Deep fried cheese
What was Agedashi tofu, Deep fried Eggplant and Edamame beans
2Pork Belly and Beef Tataki

There are some eating experiences which simply cannot be met. Eating experiences where the taste lingers in your mouth and days later you’ll have flashbacks to what was truly culinary perfection. Experiences like this for me have included Depot and Cafe Hanoi. Tanukis is now straight to the top of the list. (It helps that it is very FODMAPs friendly).

All weekend I have craved food that fresh and ever so delicately cooked. Sushi so fresh it could be getting rolled for the first time in your own mouth as you chew it. Steak in a dressing so mouthwateringly delicious that you find everything else you possibly can to soak in it. Foods that normally you wouldn’t touch taking on a whole new life care of the sheer excellence of few skilled chefs.

My particular favourites of the night were the Tataki Beef and Soft Shell Crab. These two cannot be met.

Not to mention the service was great, there was sumo wrestling on a tv in the background and we were able to include a few jugs of sake and beers into the mix. Bold claim coming up but if I could be paid in Tanukis for the rest of my life I wouldn’t be entirely miffed. It is that good.

Who wants to accompany to head along next?!


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3 Responses to Tanukis

  1. keraoregan says:

    Ooh I may have to try these guys out again! I didn’t have the greatest experience there a few years back but I have since developed my palate a little more and this looks delicious!

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