The Cronut.

Cronut cronuts

The Cronut. The sweet treat that people are losing their minds and surrendering their stomachs to. After taking New York by storm, Loaf have let us mere Kiwis have a taste and me – wanting my stomach to stay trendy dove right in… 

This will sound really lame but I am all about food fads. Kale chips, coconut water, soaked muesli, quinoa, salted caramel…. you get the picture. If it’s a big deal, I need to know why. Stomachs want to be cool too okay?

So when I heard that people were lining up from the early hours of the morning to get a pastry I knew that I had to try whatever it was that they were wanting. 

This wish got a little bit more serious when I found out what the hype was actually all about – The Cronut. The what? you ask? The Cronut. The love child of custard donuts and croissants with a smattering of cinnamon sugar for good measure. A delicious round of croissanty goodness piped full of gooey custard. Heaven. Obviously I needed one.

But how? The craze had all kicked off when chef Dominique Ansel started whipping them up for his New York bakery. Shortly after word spread and people started queuing for the sweet treats. With only 300 being made per day and a limit of two per customer it got pretty crazy with some people lining up from 4 am in the morning (the bakery doesn’t even open til 8). Obviously Ansel was on to a great thing and the idea soon jumped to other US cities, London, Sydney and eventually to little ol’ New Zealand.

The first spot in Auckland to get the cronut was Takapuna Beach Cafe. Which is lovely, but bloody inconvenient for us who live in real Auckland. Loaf came to the rescue and now Cronuts are everywhere! (Most importantly at two of the cafes on the street that my work is on – see the list of locations here). 

I obtained one. Devoured it. Was happy.

The great thing about Cronuts is that they incorporate the best parts of a donut without having to deal with the fatty after taste. Sure, croissants are by no means a health food, but this is an evil treat that you won’t regret (unless you have IBS like me and even then the regrets are minimal).

Mmmm forbidden cronuts. 


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