Beauty Hauling

Haulin' Kate Moss for RImmel 107

Blame it on the change of season or maybe the beauty gurus but either way I have slipped into a bit of debit card punishment/ samples craziness recently which okay sue me, I’m a consumer and my excess consumption needs validation through sharing it and my thoughts on it with you guys. 

It all started when I was on ebay purchasing a laptop case. It flitted into mind that Bioderma may be available on ebay and lo and behold it was there and it was reasonably cheap. So my fingers slammed on the buy now button and in less than a week it was in my greasy make up soiled palms ready to make things all clean and beautiful again. This purchase was quickly followed by a Feel Unique spot of Real Techniques Brushes and a Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick. Which next was met by a drop in to Smashbox. Last but not least was Farmers for the Rimmel Salon Pro polish and as for the Manuka Doctor samples – they were a Fashion Week freebee that I am loving.

Now for the justifications… If you’ve heard about Bioderma then it’s for good reason. If you haven’t then Bioderma is a micellar water cleanser. It’s soft, it’s effective, it leaves my skin feeling amazing and best of all it is designed for rosacea prone skin. That’s definitely me and now I know that the Bioderma hype is warranted I have this little bottle on my radar…

The Real Techniques brushes seem to be a big favourite amongst all of the beauty bloggers, from Tanya Burr to Lily Pebbles they all use them so when I saw the Core Collection on sale at Feel Unique they went straight into my basket! I’m really glad that they did. I have a M.A.C brush set which I absolutely adore my but I’ve never really fell for foundation brushes, instead opting for a sponge. The buffing brush from Real Techniques is the perfect in between. It’s soft, it gives perfect even coverage. In no uncertain terms I’m totally sold. What’s even better is that I was able to buy four of these brushes for $40. It’s a wee bit more affordable than M.A.C huh…

Rimmel seems to be popping up on my radar a lot at the moment and when I saw how cheap it was I could not believe it! Of particular interest was the Kate Moss lipsticks (in shade 107) to be precise. I’m going to blame Zoella for this one because it looked so damn good in this video. As for the reality? The packaging is a bit cheap to the feel but the formula is beautiful. It slides on with a silky touch, is deeply pigmented and has massive staying power. I haven’t tried it with a lip liner yet but I’m sure if that was the case it would sit all day. More of these are going to be bought!

As for the Rimmel Salon Pro polish, I spotted this on a couple of kiwi blogs and thought I’d pick one up for a try. The colours didn’t really enchant me but the price point and gel formula did. I picked up Soul Session from Farmers and was really pleased with the outcome. It went on smooth and dried nearly immediately and it turns out that the shade is a really beautiful taupey pink neutral. My nails but better?

As you may have seen during Fashion Week I went along to the Smashbox Seminar. It got the brain ticking and after a month or so of using a foundation that was totally the wrong shade I thought enough was enough and popped by Smashbox in St Lukes. Fortune was on my side as they happened to be having an in store event that night with goody bags and a discount on product! I was matched to a high definition foundation and walked out a very happy girl. I’d forgotten what I looked like when my make up actually matched my face. The high definition foundation is very nice. It’s a matte medium coverage foundation and is easily buildable. Meaning I can slick on a light layer to even out my skin tone or build it up when I’m wanting to mask up my face a bit more. The photo finish primer came as a free gift. I’ve voiced before that I’ve never really been ‘convinced’ by primers. They tend to feel a bit weird on the skin but this one isn’t quite so silky or satiny. Could this be the one?

Finally it’s time to talk about the Manuka Doctor. I got these samples in a goody bag at Fashion Week. I was a bit wary at first, I mean it’s bee venom but I slapped on the night restoring cream regardless and now… well it looks like I’m going to have to shell out on more. My skin has been all over the place recently and tends to be sensitive skin to boot. This cream is settling, smoothing and making my face totally dreamy.

Doctor Who purse


This last bit isn’t beauty related but it is a beaut! I am a massive Doctor Who fan and so when I saw this my heart skipped multiple beats. The seller is from Greece and makes tv show themed purses and computer bags. I have my eye on a MacBook case next….

So now it’s out there… banning myself from reading beauty blogs start now!



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