Things that are GOOD Friday: 55

the kiwi new releases edition.

For this weeks things that are GOOD I decided to do a bit on some kiwi sounds I think are GOOD. It feels like perfect timing. Summer is quickly approaching and music made for beaches and brews tends to be what our fellow citizens are good at. Also Lorde became the first kiwi ever to hit #1 on the Billboard charts this week so that helps as well…

With a new album around the corner, Runnin’ dropped a little while back and is one of the tracks to be included on Fifa ’14. People on the internet have described D. as the biggest hip hop act NZ has ever had and I’ll agree that he kills it. I mean how many kiwis can claim to have G-Shock make a watch with them. In prep for the album Dallas is playing a few gigs around the country – Auckland tonight. I can’t go so instead I’ll be playing the video on repeat. Buy Link!

why it’s good  The juxtaposition between the country song and Dallas’ rapping make it an interesting listen and it has that trademark swell that he does so well. Also the video is beautiful. Like, seriously beautiful. Watch it, then read Lani’s behind the scenes post.

Also on tour and also playing Auckland tonight, Tama Waipara has a very different sound to David Dallas but it is enchanting. Fill Up The Silence is his second album and it is stunning. Buy Link!

why it’s good From the moment track one – Medicine Man opens it’s got you with a full energetic sound and Waipara’s beautiful voice.
favourite track? Medicine Man which was the first single is still one of my favourites but I’ve also grown to like Stay Slow feat. Emily King. It’s got a tinkle to it.

While I may have read/ seen/ listened to nearly everything I can about this girl I don’t think I need to rehash it. We all know that she’s brilliant, we all know that she’s absolutely killing it on a global scale. Pure Heroine is amazing. Buy Link!

why it’s good It feels like a lot of people have wanted Lorde to be a couple of hit wonder, or feel like its a big have or that people only like her because she’s young. But if you think that you’re stupid (sorry). Pure Heroine is a solid album, it’s simple and remarkably clean for pop music with clever poetic lyrics. Lorde doesn’t throw words in because they rhyme, she tells stories and I love it.
favourite track? Buzzcut Season. It’s melancholic while upbeat simultaneously. The key it’s in is perfect.

I don’t know much about she’s so rad but when I saw this EP on Amplifier and saw the word ‘disco’ I wanted to have a listen and I’m pretty glad that I did. They are playing tonight AS WELL. Damn them. Buy link!

why it’s good Last Dance is groovy. That’s all there is to it. In fact I may have written in my notes SUPER GROOVY. It’s the sort of music you want playing while you have some casual drinks in the sun on a lazy afternoon. You could also get your boogie on to it if you are that way inclined.
favourite track? Disco Star. I think we’ve already established that it’s the grooviness of disco that makes me like this album.

Also random unrelated cool factor – they covered one of Julee Cruise’s Twin Peaks songs…

Remember Bandicoot? That obnoxious loud band that opened BDO years ago and had Don McGlashan’s daughter in it? Well look to the present day and their drummer, Sweet Daniel McBride has got his own outfit together and has just come back from a European Tour. Metro gave Egospect 4.5 stars and compared him to Lorde skills wise. To put it blunt he is great. Buy Link!

why it’s good Sheep, Dog and Wolf comes all from Mr McBride and what the hell, HOW?! It’s a sound that is musically complicated with sax, drums, guitar, lots of stuff and it’s intricate and so so absorbing. You blow me away boy.
favourite track? This one is HARD. But Ablutophobia is still great as is Guaranteed Defective. Hell, it’s all great.

This track dropped yesterday and on first listens I’m liking it. Esther Stephens has a beautiful voice and The Means have a great sound. Buy Link!



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