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I am a sucker for a cafe with great cabinet wares. In fact that’s how I’ll judge a cafe at first glance. If your cabinet wares look dry or old or uninspired, I will probably not eat there. But the thing is, it’s pretty damn hard to find cafes that tick all the boxes (impossible if you’re abiding by a gluten free diet).

So it was on a rainy day a few weeks back that I found myself wandering around Britomart, dodging rain, being hungry, having no idea what I felt like eating when I happened upon The Store.

From the outside it didn’t look like much but once I’d stepped into the doorway I was assaulted by a treat of delicious looking sandwiches, pastries, and the wafting smell of mushroom risotto. Lunch was sorted.

I grabbed some of the risotto to go but the real treat was the Choux pictured above. Long before the Cronut happened this happened and it’s a bit shocking that I’ve only got around to mentioning it now. A Choux Donut, stuffed with lemon curd, chocolate mousse and raspberry. It is evil. Deliciously so. My mouth is watering at the very idea of it. A bite sized morsel of heaven. And don’t even wonder if it’s better than the Cronut, I mean look at it!

Inspired for today’s lunch choice? Then head on down! You’ll find the store on the Gore St side of the Britomart Pavilions. You can’t eat inside but Takutai Square offers lovely outdoor seating areas.

Let me know what you try!


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2 Responses to The Store

  1. Looks delicious!
    xx Tia

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