Things that are GOOD Friday: 56 (ONE DIRECTION)

the time I went to One Direction

One Direction at Vector Arena | Madicattt

Girls screaming at pretty much anything is not really a surprising thing. In fact, when I agreed to take my little sister and her best friend to One Direction, screaming was part of what I was excited for. Woe, the fool that was me however who truly underestimated the power that teenage female lungs can hold.

Let me start at the beginning. On Monday, my little sister, Isabel turns 12. Somehow, circumstance has meant that 12 has become a pretty special birthday. Birthday month started two weekends ago when she had an early birthday party. It was her first sleep over party which meant the lounge was overrun by 12 year old girls, cup cakes, evil brownie (known on the internet as slutty brownie), whipped cream, chocolate dipped strawberries, pizza, punch and the best high school movies we could wrangle (Mean Girls, Clueless, Breakfast Club, Heathers, Easy A).

Miss 11's turning 12 sleepover spread

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Come last Sunday and birthday month clocked itself in the form of One Direction. If you’re not in the know, One Direction is a pretty big deal. Personally, I’ve avoided being dragged into the vortex of girly hysteria but for a 12 year old, they’re pretty much what the Beatles were back in 1963/64. Or since that doesn’t really apply to me at all, they’re pretty much the Spice Girls, but male.

This was going to be Issy’s first ever big concert. I’d taken her to Lorde’s Vector Gig to give her a little taste but in terms of the crazy, that didn’t even slightly compare. So hair done, glitter done, tickets double and triple checked we headed into town.

Pre #onedirection Sals pig put. Wop wop

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First on the agenda was sustenance. In my experience 12 year olds can get hungry without warning and when they food rage the hormones go out of control. Sals was the ticket to sustained filling. But just in case huge slabs of cheesy carby goodness bigger than your face aren’t quite enough to ensure a good time, we popped down to Movenpick as well. Piggy, piggy goodness, oh my. Stuffed to the brim with cheese, mint chocolate ice cream and passionfruit cheesecake it was time.

Stop two of Izzy's pre #onedirection experience. Movenpick.

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Walking towards Vector should have been a sign. But hey, I’ve been to gigs before. I know crowds. Continuing on the whole, I want this to be a great experience thing we lined up for merchandise. Mum and Dad had bought the tickets, my gift was the merch. And then things started to get silly. With a jumper, signed posters and souvenir book grabbed we headed inside. The hype was starting to intensify. Swarms of girls, posters, flashing lights.

One Direction at Vector Arena | Madicattt

We grabbed a powerade. A concert staple. We headed to our seats. And then it started. The screaming. The incessant, overpowering screaming. Five Seconds of Summer played, I’d never heard of them before and I didn’t really hear them then beneath a wave of screaming. I started to regret not taking my mothers advice and bringing headphones. The 3G wasn’t working. Oh god, what had I got myself into.

After what was beginning to feel like an eternity of St Pierre’s Sushi and Dressmart ads, finally, finally, the main act came on. And goddamn them, they won me over.

One Direction at Vector Arena | Madicattt

From the flashing lights to the stupidly catchy songs, to Liam Payne – a. why had I not heard of that one? and b. why doesn’t he get any hype?!, to them chatting almost too much and playing what felt like every, single, song, they’ve ever made. I was pretty impressed. And they covered Teenage Kicks!!!! and Teenage Dirtbag!!!! Two of my favourite party songs ever.

One Direction at Vector Arena | Madicattt

Sure, I would have liked some cool coordinated dance moves ala N*Sync, and sure it’s not exactly the most amazing music but the boys were a really a giving live act. It made me wonder, are huge pop gigs ever bad? So far my experience is telling me no way, because um… lights!

One Direction at Vector Arena | Madicattt

So there you have it, me, Madeleine de Young, the One Direction avoider, went to a One Direction concert, wasn’t killed by the screaming, was hugely amused by the excitement factor of my wards and actually came out possibly liking their music.

Oh and this made me audibly ‘AWWWW’ when it played at the gig. Curses. So hey! Who wants to watch the movie with me?

Now if I can get ‘Live while we’re young’ out of my head….



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