It’s my birthday on Sunday! Buy me things?

As I get older I find it harder and harder to think of what I would like for my birthday. See it’s tough, when asking other people for presents you have to balance up cost – it has to be within reason but if too reasonable why not buy it yourself? It has to be special – nobody wants a pair of regular grey socks for their birthday but special cat socks are something else. And even more than special – it has to be something that you will want to treasure, something you wouldn’t think of buying for yourself or could never rationalise. Something that you ooh and aah over. I think it’s a bit of a downside to growing up and actually getting money of your own. No longer is every single damn thing in the shop a dream.

So this years birthday wishlist was a bit difficult. Ideally in a present I’d love for someone to see something and go omg, that’s perfect for Maddy! But in lieu of that (and to help my mother out a little with present buying) these are the bits that I’ve been looking at recently…

Birthday Wishlist(All the links are right here on my Pinterest)

  • An Instax Camera, which seems so silly but so nostalgic and great.
  • Perfumes from MOR. I forget which flavour I loved but I feel that it was either Snow Gardenia or Lychee…
  • A Daniel Wellington watch. Would I ever wear a watch? I’m not sure. But if I was going to I think this would be a nice one.
  • A leather bracelet from Kikki K. Mint green, I think it would go nicely with my AgatYOU bracelet…
  • A chunky necklace. When it comes to styling myself the one thing that I always realise is missing is statement jewellery. My grandmother always has the most fabulous necklaces yet I never buy them… why. I think I need one.
  • Karen Walker Homeware has finally come to the country! While what I really want is the bedding, that plate would look beautiful upon my mirror wall and those cookie cutters are squee worthy.
  • The Luminaries, or to be honest any good book. But The Luminaries is on my list. Others on my list are people like Haruki Murukami. Magical realism is my favourite.
  • The Body Shop’s Home Spray. To be honest I could possibly buy this myself with my birthday discount but I bought it for my grandmothers birthday on the weekend and was so enamoured. They smell divine.

Other less reasoned obsessions include trinkets… Trinkets


And face paint… It wasn’t long ago that I looked at my makeup collection and realised that it had got a little bit tragic. Since then I’ve been remedying things (damn you beauty blogger enablers!). I’m on a bit of a role and so it feels like the right time to start working on a mac palette. *heavenly music plays*

My way of justifying this (despite already owning many eye shadows…) is that this is a gift that can be added to. Kick someone off with the casing and one pan of eye shadow and there’s fourteen more present opportunities sitting there waiting! So since dreaming is fun I hopped on to the MAC website to customise my own… (yes there are spaces left – they’d be for a few single pans I already have)

Mac Palette

Sigh, so many pointless pretty things, so little birthday. Dreams are free huh
(I’d really like a Nissan March cough cough!)

Oh and just to make this sound a little less princess like – practical presents would include a trip to the dentist, paying my phone bill and giving me a job (I finish uni in 15 days).


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