Christmas is Coming: Online Decorating

Christmas is Coming | Madicattt.comPosting something like this now feels a wee bit naughty. I mean essentially I’m a traditionalist when it comes to this occasion. Christmas decorations are supposed to go up on the first, Jesus doesn’t go in the crib ’til midnight Christmas Eve. You get the picture. But research can start early right? And with online shopping things must be purchased in advance to allow for shipping right?!

Come the first of December will be getting totally Christmasified. But in the interim, lets prep, starting with….


One of my great concerns this Christmas has been, what will I do in my office at work?! Searches for bunting, decals, printable Christmas paper… (etc etc) has led me to find some pretty cool things.


Decals are a great way to decorate a space if you don’t have room to put actual objects. Just slap them on a window or wall and ta da, you’ve got Christmas decorations, snow, even a tree. Ebay is my favourite place to find them with beautiful decals starting from as low a price as $5 (including shipping!). The only trick with Ebay is to order early as shipping can take a while. Start off by looking here.


When it comes to decorating my office bunting is my go to. It can be so stupidly easy. Simply grab some paper (I like to print off cool designs), cut it into triangles, put holes for the string in using a hole punch and then sling them up. EASY! I’ve had rainbow chevron bunting in my office for a while but I wanted something a bit more special with Christmas approaching. Which led me to this pretty thing.

wrapping paper

Continuing on the printable theme, I’ve become quite enchanted with the idea of printing off Christmas paper. My favourites can be found here, here and here.


You like stupidly easy craft stuff? So do I! This printable is stupidly easy and also quite beautiful. Once you’ve got the swing of it the printable is totally unnecessary and you can make it using any paper you like. I’m thinking silver or gold glitter…


Want to feel like you’re being crafty or doing things yourself but don’t really have the time or skills? Etsy has you covered and there’s also half way point things which are SO cool. Like this! and this!!!

If you haven’t picked it up by now, the Internet is a total goldmine for Christmas ideas. Google, pinterest, etsy, ebay… just search for what you think you may want and see what pops up!


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