Christmas is Coming: Online Gifting

Christmas is coming 2

Let me introduce you to a beast of two purposes. As you will know, Christmas is Coming. And while it may seem foolish to start buying presents now, I want to get all of my Christmas spending out of the way as quickly as possible! Also, we all know some of the best deals lie online right?

Meanwhile, since we’re on the subject of online, #NZSecretSanta registrations close at lunchtime today! #NZSecretSanta? Well, if you’re on Twitter you should already have heard of it, but I’ll be kind and share the magic. I do like gift giving after all…

#NZSecretSanta is essentially Twitter Secret Santa for kiwis. It was dreamt up by @websam and now he’s enlisted NZ post as it’s become a pretty big thing. You can find all the details here but essentially you sign up, you get assigned another kiwi twitter user, you do some stalking and send off a gift! In return you get one back. It’s lots of fun so don’t miss out! But the clock is ticking, registrations close at at 12 pm. 

So now we’re dealing with two things, online gift buying and #NZSecretSanta. I’ve decided to combine the two, to give my secret santa a few hints about what I like but also to share some cool things I’ve spied online.

Impt Note: I’m going to do a mixture of #NZSecretSanta friendly and slightly more expensive items. It’s just the things I personally think are cool! With that in mind I have no idea if there is a spending limit for #NZSecretSanta, I think I’ll probably spend up to $25 but it’s not about what something costs right? It’s about the right fit for the right person. That’s why I’ve combined the two posts

(hint: if you’re a creative bunny something you’ve made could be quite exciting too!)

So without further ado….


Wocolate have been super dooper on to it this year releasing a Secret Santa Gift Ideas list. It ranges from books to tea diffuser, washi tape to nano blocks. My personal picks are:

  1. Nanoblocks – with this cute parrot or the magical Neuschwanstein Castle being my faves.
  2. A submarine tea diffuser (wouldn’t this be a cool gift with a box of Harney and Son’s Holiday Tea?)
  3. Happy socks! I want them all but these colour ways 1, 2 are the best.
  4. Cameras. Between Holga‘s and Instax cameras, how do you pick?! They look like so much fun and I still dearly treasure my now defunct Izone camera. They even sell Holga iPhone cases!

Feel Unique

When it comes to online beauty buying Feel Unique is always my first stop. Free shipping, a great range and frequent sales, it ticks a lot of boxes. They’ve conveniently put together a Christmas Shop with categories ranging from stocking fillers to indulgent treats. My picks:

  1. The limited edition L’Wren Scott designed bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir.
  2. Cute Christmassy nail wraps from Elegant Touch.
  3. I’ve been meaning to pick up some of This Works’ sleep range for a while. For Christmas they’re doing gift crackers and baublesYou can also pick up This Works at Mecca Cosmetica if you want to browse in store.

protip- you won’t be able to buy spray fragrances as they don’t ship here.

Sticking within the realm of beauty websites, I think that Marc Jacob’s Dot Solid Perfume Necklace would make a fabulous Christmas present.


Another favourite place to shop with a Christmas List is Redcurrent. Walking in to Redcurrent is an assault of colour on the eyes, but I love it. My picks:

  1. These coin purses would make great stocking fillers and come in the prettiest range of colours.
  2. Mor would have to be hands down one of my favourite scented brands. Sorbet being possibly an all time favourite. Like This Works they too do great Christmas packaging.  I’m loving these hand cream filled crackers  and the baubles, filled with either mini body butters or lip balm. Last but not least are the perfume oils. I already have snow gardenia but want to add lychee flower to the mix.
  3. On a more random note are these crystal magnets. Wouldn’t they look great on a silver fridge?!


I’m a bit of a stationery fiend. I own too much, there is always room for more though. A favourite and I think it’s safe to say that they are a favourite for everyone is Kikki. K. Every year they put out a range of Christmas Gift packs. This year these are my favourites.

  1. At the more expensive end of the spectrum, the ‘style your way’ pack is made up of bits and pieces from the leather ranges, a bracelet, clutch, notebook, key ring, and two metal roller ball pens. Luxe.
  2. ‘This is your year’ so why not make it your own with a customisable calendar?
  3. On a similar note, ‘celebrate every day’ with a notebook, mini desk calendar, post its and ball points.

Last but not least on the VERY EXPENSIVE front. This, this here is my dream Christmas present. A personalised initial lunchy from the The Mode Collective. Let’s just admire this for a moment.

p.s. Today is’s 2nd birthday and I totally forgot! Keep an eye out for a Christmas/ Happy Birthday giveaway in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading xx

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2 Responses to Christmas is Coming: Online Gifting

  1. I adore buying meaningful gifts for people but I hate having a stressful deadline to shop and I avoid malls in general. Online is the way to go but only if you start early so that there is plenty of time for delivery. What I love about the internet is the research phase. Making actual decisions is the hard part!

    My favourite type of gift are things like tickets or subscriptions. You might not get anything to play with right away but making memories is priceless.

    Happy 2 year birthday BTW!

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