Christmas is Coming: Benefit Christmas Treats

P1030820 P1030831 P1030839At Christmas time all the retailers go a bit silly with Christmas bargains, treats and special packages. We’ve all been there, seen it, been sucked in with the masses searching for the perfect gift and this year, I have to say the beauty brands are rocking it. Oh how I wish I had more make up wearing gift recipients to shower with special treats and tidbits. Unfortunately I don’t. So I’m going to share them with you what to buy for your loved ones instead.

Lets kick things off with Benefit.

It would be a wee bit of an understatement to say that I was excited when I was invited to check out Benefit’s Christmas products and excited by no means cuts it when I got to go home with the above package.

Groovy Kind-a Love covers all the bases to create a total look. With four shades of eye shadow, two x blush, benetint, mascara, primer, I’ve been wearing it every day with only a slip of Hello Flawless! (in the right shade now may I add) and a light touch of brow powder to finish my look.

Benetint and They’re Real make the kit. These are in my opinion Benefit’s star products and are items that I would definitely buy for myself. But all in all I’ve been loving using these products, it’s light and fun and creates a perfect low key look for Summer.

Groovy Kind-a Love ticks all the boxes for me, but it is only one of ten holiday gift packages available at Benefit counters in Smith and Caughey’s this Christmas. Ranging in price from $36 to $85, (I WANT THEM ALL!) but if I had to be selective I’d have to say that I’m also pretty interested in the Perk Up and Away and Away We Glow sets. Both kits have bits and bobs to illuminate the face including a full sized Dandelion or Coralista blush respectively. Nice huh?!


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