Christmas is Coming: The Body Shop

The Body Shop | Christmas is Coming

A few weeks ago The Body Shop held an in store Christmas Party for their card holders. Walking in it felt like being a kid in a candy store but not being a kid and having some money of my own. I ended up going a bit silly. I’ll give thing away as gifts I told myself. Well… perhaps.

Christmas at The Body Shop is always a good time. Special edition flavours, shimmery body lotions. It’s too exciting. So I picked up one of every thing I considered important to own (my bank account shudders). Cranberry Joy Body Butter, Jump For Ginger Sparkle Body Polish and Hand Lotion and most importantly the Go Wild for Vanilla Shimmer Lotion.

The three scents are quite distinctively different. Cranberry Joy is definitely quite fruity and reminds me a bit of the mango scent, while Go Wild For Vanilla is quite sweet, reminding me of vanilla flavoured custard. Jump For Ginger is possibly my least favourite being the most ‘soapy’ but at the same time is so refreshing that I couldn’t help buying two products. Odd that.

In terms of the actual products the body butter is a standard body butter. I love having one of these for my legs, knees, elbows in Summer as they are so so very moisturising. The new matte packaging is fabulous as well.

The body polish is a refreshing shower scrub, they’ve got the balance of scrub to not wearing your flesh off down pat, while the hand lotion ticks nearly all the boxes for this hand lotion obsessive. It’s less greasy than the cream and far more moisturising than the hand protectors that The Body Shop does. In my hunt for the perfect hand cream this is certainly a contender.

Last but not least, the shimmer lotion. I will admit, I tend to feel slightly silly all slicked up like a mirror ball and would far prefer this product if it was full of gold shimmer as opposed to silver. YET, it is still a lovely and very festive product. It moisturises well, smells delicious and is like a party for the skin. Perfect.

The Body Shop is a great spot for Christmas shopping. They do gift packages from big to small covering their whole range of products. The Christmas bits are a bit special but the whole store is always a delight. Big props to the St Lukes store for being absolutely lovely every time I go in there.


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