Christmas is Coming: Shopping on a Budget

c on bLast week I returned from a lunch break to work with a bag full of Karen Walker goodies that I had picked up as Christmas presents. Like little magpies my work mates flocked to see what I had purchased, I’d quip, ‘Oh it’s a just a few Christmas presents’ ‘CHRISTMAS PRESENTS? KAREN WALKER?!’ they’d squawk and ‘No, really’ I’d have to say, it didn’t break the bank, ‘It was only $35!’ (Which yeah, I know, it makes me sound like a dick. But honestly!!)

Christmas is expensive. It’s expensive and the expense makes it stressful. But if you’re anything like me you will adore gifting. I can not, not gift. It would be a travesty. And if you’re going to buy anything, there’s no point in buying crap. Good thing that there are some great deals circulating at the moment and I am here to help you indulge in them!

Before I get into it I want to point out that making something is just as good if not better than buying. Perhaps stick around for a last minute round up this weekend of some crafty ideas you can cram in this weekend. But shipping closing dates are fast approaching – TO THE STORES!

I’ve already mentioned these guys but Wocolate is one of the funkiest little websites out. Plus their staff are super dooper helpful. I’ve winkled out that shipping for Christmas is open until the 20th NZ wide or the 23rd by 8am if you’re in Auckland.

The people at Wocolate have been helpful enough to put together a Secret Santa gift guide which you can find here. Personally, I’m obsessed with nano blocks and that submarine tea diffuser.

Rose and Thorne are encouraging the Christmas fun with five days of Christmas deals. You can check out todays deal here. Even better than that are the Christmas Baubles they’ve thrown together. Cute packaging combined with cute undies at a crazy price. Yes please! It’s not just for the ladies however, they’re doing baubles full of men’s trunks or alternatively briefs too.

I mentioned Karen Walker earlier so let’s check that out now. Karen Walker. Cheap you ask? Well the accessories can be! To help you out with your shopping the people at KW have put together a gift guide for under $100. But let’s be real, if you’re on a budget you want under $50 tops. It can be done. Check out the bangles and maybe if you’re lucky in store they’ll still have these super rad hats ($35 woop)

Other good deals/ideas:

  • Pumpkin Patch is having a massive sale.
  • Everything is under $30 at Cotton On + Typo is great for the tweens in your life.
  • EB Games is also having a big sale and Sims games are discounted at both EB and JB Hifi (I live with a Sims obsessed child).
  • Make up a hamper. Our Secret Santa at work spat out a New Years Survival Kit made up of a rain poncho, ham bag, can of vodka cranberry, pain killers – you get the idea. Another work mate is making pamper hampers – toner tab from lush, scent diffuser from the Aromatherapy Company (available at Farmers), mini bottle of Champagne… or how about the foody? Pick up some yummy condiments from somewhere like Nosh or Farro, a nice cheese, some crackers, you get the picture.
  • Pick up a cute notebook from Trade Aid and accompany it with some of their delicious Chocolate products.
  • Grab a hand cream or lip product from The Body Shop (a long time go to gift).
  • Or maybe one of the small gift packages from Lush? They start as cheap as $14.90.
  • MOR perfumes or soaps. $20 for a little roll on perfume that smells divine. You can get them from Redcurrent or Smith and Caughey.
  • If you have any other tricky tips then please comment below! I’ll be updating this post as I think of more things.


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