A Whole New World

IMG_5025My new years was spent at Shoal Bay, a quiet beach, a lovely house. Image credit goes to Jane Hakaraia.

The title may seem a bit silly. And if you’re one of those, ‘you can start over at any time of year!’ anti New Year resolutions types then it will seem totally ridiculous. But 2014 is a whole new world (listen, do it, you must!) No uni, a ‘real’ job to find, no burning obligations. It’s a new year and with that comes new thoughts, new guiding principles you may say.

ny res

2013 was busy. I worked hard. I committed to way too many things. Somehow I managed to achieve a lot. Achievement wise it was great but emotionally and socially it was goddamn hard. This year I don’t want to over burden myself. I want to be able to just pop over to hang out when the whim strikes.

You know how most people want to cut down on their more frivolous behaviour? Last year was inadvertently this. This year I want to do the exact opposite.

ny res2

This was originally going to be ‘be open to strangers’ but I’ve said this out loud and people have looked at me like I have a screw loose. But honestly, I don’t. It has struck me for a while that we live in a damn selfish and self-centred world where people actively avoid making connections with other people. People don’t want to care about other people’s problems or if they do it’s for band wagon causes like ‘put a twibbon on your twitter account!’ Yet jump on a bus and everyone is silent. You may see the same people every day but people actively avoid making any sort of friendly concessions. I do it myself but I want to stop.

I want to be open to having conversations with random strangers. To say hi. To smile when I pass someone on the street. I’m already working on it and the chance encounters I’ve had with total strangers have been amazing.

Watch this video from Soul Pancake and start making friends too.

Remember – a stranger is a friend you just haven’t met yet.

ny res3

The blogs I love the most tell a story. They share snippets of the authors personal life that make you feel as if you’re sitting down for coffee with an old friend. These are blogs like The Londoner and Manger. Beautiful blogs with stunning photography and a warm feel in their expression. I feel like this blog has lost its warm feeling and I want to rejuvenate it. I want it to be more me, less products. Although undoubtedly the consumer in me will still want to share products and bits and bobs I’ve fallen in love with. Perhaps I’ll even show my face more often… maybe. At the very least expect more opinions on things…

Moving to the things I want to tick off the list (please don’t judge me).

  • Go to the dentist
  • Get my restricted license
  • Get a ‘real’ job. ASAP.
  • Finish my goddamn bedroom.
  • Save up for a car.
  • Go overseas.
  • Don’t read the comments.
  • Buy a ‘real’ camera!! (Woop woop, I’ve lasted a year without breaking mine. Now I can get a nicer one)
  • Post at least once a week, every week. (And do the 2nd birthday giveaway! -_- oops, sorry it’s coming!)
  • Be better at spending time with the people who make an effort.
  • Redesign, rebrand. Anyone wish to help me with this one?

So these are my goals, guiding lights, thoughts for the moment. What are yours?!



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2 Responses to A Whole New World

  1. I agree with you–the new year is a special time, and people make big changes then for a reason.
    These are goals that pretty much anyone can benefit from. I personally am also trying to kick my caffeine addiction and smile more.
    Keep up your hard work :)

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