Post Festival Skin Recovery

I love music festivals. But my body doesn’t.

See it’s the heat. It doesn’t matter what I do, sun block, moisturising, layering, it’s just a fact that my skin does not like to be in direct sun light for too long and when it is forced to it retaliates. Ever had or seen a heat rash? They’re nasty. And the day after a festival that’s quite often me, from head to toe.

But I think after a few years of experience I’ve nailed the come back.  After Chronophonium last weekend (which I must tell you about!) it took only two days to bring my skin back to supple smoothness.

It would be cruel to not share my secrets with you, whether you’ve got problem skin like mine or just want to give it some extra loving!

The Body

IMG_5313When recovering from Chronophonium I kicked things off with a Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush (sadly all used up so not pictured). Blackcurrant scented it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. I also gave myself a good scrub with my Ginger Sparkle Body Polish from The Body Shop. The combo got rid of all the grit from the weekend before and left me feeling all rejuvenated rather than washed out.

This was followed up by my Summer saviour – Aqueous Cream. This gooey cooling cream is well known to excema sufferers but if you’re unfamiliar with the stuff it is uber moisturising and super sensitive. Every morning I lather this over my whole body. It takes a little bit to soak in so if I’m in a hurry I’ll start on my face while letting it do it’s magic. You can pick this up from most pharmacies and you can easily ask for a prescription from your doctor.

If my skin is feeling particularly tragic or even worse, itchy and red then it’s time to pull out the big guns – Locoid. Locoid is a hydrocortisone based cream with anti allergenic, anti inflammatory, anti eczematous and anti pruitic properties which makes it a go to product for skin disorders. In Summer I tend to get heat related eczema on my arms and legs and so I lather this on after Aqueous. It is a prescription medicine, but it’s a great product to have on hand for any rashes etc.

I like to throw a bit of scent on me once I’ve put on Aqueous and Locoid and my go to is The Body Shop’s Body Butters. They don’t irritate my skin at all and come in yummy scents. At the moment I’ve been using the Christmas Limited Edition Cranberry Joy one.

The Face


If you’ve ever had eczema or a rash on your face then you will know how devastating it is. But let me tell you right now, the answer is not to cover it up with make up! Give your skin some loving and a bit of a break to recover and with some fingers crossed what works for me will also have your face soft as a baby’s bum in no time at all!

If your face is suffering you want to avoid harsh products and go for a softer alternative. My pick to take on this task is Almond Oil. Like Coconut Oil, Almond is a bit of a miracle worker. You can use it to exfoliate by rubbing it into your skin with your fingers, as make up remover, a moisturiser, you get the picture. I usually wipe it off using a make up pad which soaks up all the gunk you’ve just let loose. You can buy a bottle fairly cheaply at your local supermarket or any health store.

Another exfoliant that I adore for being soft and low irritant is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I usually use this towards the end of my bad skin spell to ease off the remaining flaky bits.

I first noticed Lush’s Dream Cream when my friend Lizzy started using it. Liz also has had a few skin scrapes but one day I noticed that her face was absolutely glowing and silky smooth? What had done it? Dream Cream. So when I received a mini pottle for Christmas from my friend Monique I was overjoyed. It’s a little bit like Calendula nappy rash cream and works just as well as for fixing up some sad skin.

Last but not least is a little moisturiser that I’ve really been enjoying whilst my face is poorly is Nivea’s DNA Age Cell Renewal Anti Age System Day Cream. I’m not sure when you’re supposed to start using anti aging products… but I found this sample in my drawer and figured – why not? It’s proven to be lovely on the skin, soft, non irritant and very moisturising. That’s a tick from me!

Having poorly skin is a nightmare and if it gets itchy like mine does then it’s annoying as well. Hopefully if you find yourself in a similar position these bits and bobs will see you smooth and happy in no time!


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