Our Fair Capital

If week one of returning to the office was grim, then week two ups the ante ten fold. Grim indoors, grey skies outdoors. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last! I’m already dreaming of warm beaches and losing track of the days but until that can become a reality I thought it would be nice to reminisce on my Christmas holidays (and bring you along for the ride as well).


At an ungodly hour on the 22nd of December an alarm struck, a weary body dragged itself into clothes and was ushered into the car. Two more weary bodies joined her but there was some excitement in the air. The promise of a trip in a plane, a day in a foreign city, a night in a hotel, a train ride.

This was to be a ‘sister trip’ a short sojourn in the capital before our parents joined us in Otaki the next day. We couldn’t check into our hotel until 2pm and so were forced to explore. To wander, take it all in, enjoy. The first step was to fill our bellies.

breakfast 1 copy

Luck would have it that the bus from the airport stopped directly outside Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. We flitted out, the middle one hoping we’d be late enough for curly fries. We weren’t. 

A taste of New Orleans, a bite of Cajun and Creole foods Sweet Mother’s Kitchen is nestled in Courtenay Place. It’s a family favourite and so whilst curly fries were unavailable a meal was still to be had. I ordered the Breakfast Burrito whilst the smalls attempted to munch on Beignets (it turns out they weren’t actually very hungry).

Happily filled with delicious morsels it was time to head to our next destination. Wellington Zoo.


Wellington Zoo is perhaps far my preferred zoo if I was asked to choose between Auckland and Wellington. Sure they don’t have elephants and sure the aviary at Auckland Zoo is pretty amazing but Wellington Zoo has Sun Bears! And Baboons who pose for the camera…


And a chimpanzee who blows raspberries on the baby’s belly (and another who does things to himself which are a bit too rude to retell).


Heading to the zoo as early as we did turned out to be brilliant as all of the animals were in fine form. It was an easy bus ride from town and a great way to spend a morning. My only criticism would be that the enclosures are a bit on the small side…

By the time we finally got to our hotel (The Ibis on Featherston) I was exhausted. A wee nap was had and then a sneaky cheesy. We’d hoped to catch some Christmas decorations or something but Wellington didn’t do that this year. With no certain plans and limited means we consoled ourselves with a trip to the cinema.

That was a journey in of itself. A winding red carpeted hallway, to find ourselves faced with this….


For at least ten minutes we were faced with this screen, walls and floors of red carpet and no other patrons but for one man who chose to sit directly behind us. You’d forgive me to feel like I’d fallen into a David Lynch film.

It was an awkward wait, the three of us beginning to feel slightly on edge. When it was almost too much more patrons trickled in and then finally Frozen began and we were enchanted. For days after we’d dive onto each others beds, ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?!’


Leaving the cinema we were stunned to find that it was still light out. We chose to walk home along the water front, enjoying the sculpture work (or being scandalised by the breasts as Miss Lucy liked to point out) and stopping at Frank Kitts park for a swing or two.


The next day it was time to journey North once more. More sneaky cheesys were had, more swings at the park before heading to the train station…


to travel towards home..



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