The Good Things Wish List #1

At the moment I have a lot of content that is waiting for me to actually write it out in a way that you can read it and enjoy it rather than just give me the side eye. But recently I’ve found that actually sitting down and churning out the posts like I should is really hard. And then I read Hyperbole and a Half and pretty much Allie Brosh has really good ways of explaining basic ways in which I fail to be a great functioning adult (overgrown child) and which I don’t really share on here. Like the fact that I struggle to feed myself on time a lot of the time and when I don’t eat I turn into a sobbing irrational child…

Anyway, the point of this is that when I have lots of things to do which I don’t actually have to do (because I don’t get paid or get certificates or cool things for writing this blog except on good days when I get good stats) I become really unmotivated but also totally consumed by them which is just.. dumb. The point of saying all of this is that I have lots of  exciting things to share! Like the rest of my holiday! and Chronophonium! and The Bluebreeze Inn! and Big Day Out! and Masu! and some serious things that twitter people might like. Those posts will be here soon. But until they happen (it’s just really hard to blog well when you work full time, right?!) it is Friday. And Friday is the day for things that are good.

So let us retitle and begin anew these wish list posts with ‘The Good Things Wish List’ edition: ‘these are things I need to save up for this year or just generally really really would like and ergo would make a good present at some point edition’.



This list could be divided into three categories.


An investment.

A gift that will last.

In the essential ranks is the more serious teeth followed by the less essential here. My teeth need some work of the expensive variety, whilst my hair is in desperate need of a trim. I’ve become a bit obsessed with hacking a few inches off. Do I do it?

The investments are the car and the camera. Looking at jobs online I’ve discovered that a car is a bit necessary in this massiveass city. I’m quite enamoured with the shape of the Nissan March and it just seems to be practical but I’m not entirely convinced I’m right. As for the camera, I did it! I lasted a year without breaking a camera. Which means I’m allowed to invest in a nice one. I don’t want a dslr as I want to be able to throw it in my bag whenever. The Sony RX100 ii is what Rose uses and it looks pretty nice indeed.

Then there’s the gifts. I’ve been obsessed with a Mode Collective Lunchy for a while, now I think I’d eventually like the whole set. There’s something so nice about them. The burgundy leather, the gold initials. I’ve always like monogrammed objects. Then there’s the watches. Whilst at Chronophonium I found that I didn’t miss my phone all that much but I did miss having the time on me. Perhaps I would use a watch then? And the Daniel Wellington’s are so so lovely.

So there you go. The big purchases, the big dreams, the things to save up for, the things I’d love to be gifted. Done. (and on reflection, heavily influenced by a certain blogger – guess who).


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