Heads Up!

I’ve always attended theatre, I mean how could I not when it’s my own mothers field of work? So when it comes to keeping an eye on what’s on and knowing what I’d like to see, it’s pretty instinctual.

But I’m aware that it’s not the same for a lot of you. Hell, all you have to do is go to a show (that’s not at the Basement) mid season to realise that not a lot of people my own age (early 20’s) attend plays. And it’s a damn shame! There is so much amazing work going on in this big little city and I feel compelled to make sure that you not only know how great it is once I’ve seen it, but also know what’s on in case I don’t.

So let’s change that. Right now!

atcATC are kicking off the year with Fallen Angels, a Noel Coward tale of two socialites now bored with the lack of sparkle in their marriages. Noel Coward also authored Private Lives which was hugely entertaining so it’s a good chance that this will also be worth a watch. It’s on now at Q and stars Lisa Chappel and Claire Dougan.

Next up in the ATC season is Paniora which is premiering at the Wellington Festival on the 26th of February and opens in Auckland at the Maidment on the 20th of March. Presented in association with Okareka Dance Company (remember K Rd Strip?) and written by Briar Grace Smith, I’ve heard it described as the most important local work in the festival.

Throughout the year ATC will also present Other Desert Cities, Once on Chunuk Bair, The Good Soul of Szechuan, and Trees Beneath The Lake. But what I’m really excited for is their end of year show stopper – Jesus Christ SuperstarNeed I say more? With Oliver Driver directing it is bound to be brilliant.

massive companyMassive are back this year with a new work, My Bed, My UniverseThey’re describing it as a big bang moment, honouring the people, soundscapes and places that make us who we are and shape the world we live in. Having seen a few of Massive’s works now (The Brave?) I can already tell that this will be one moving piece of work. It opens April 2nd at The Concert Chamber.

the civicIt can be a bit difficult to keep up with what’s happening on The Edge but this year they’re kicking off the musical side of things with Mamma Mia. I was able to go to the media launch last year and will tell you now that the voices in that cast are pretty stunning. Mamma Mia opens on March the 4th at The Civic.

I’m also looking forward to taking my little sisters to Annie. Annie kicks off it’s season in Wellington from May 23rd before opening at The Civic on June 13th.

bulletA show I missed out on and have been dying to see is Daffodils, by Rochelle Bright. People who did get to attend absolutely raved about it and I can tell it’s going to evoke some feels. With Colleen Davis (swoon!) and Todd Emerson on stage and Stephanie Brown and Abe Kunin on music (and my mother, Jane Hakaraia on lighting design) it’s going to be a really strong show.

siloSilo always presents good work and this year is a ripper. Brel starts the year at the Wellington Festival and again for one night in the town hall (that will be AMAZING) before heading into the behemoth that is Angels In America. Shane is certainly going to go out with a bang with this show. Not only are the likes of Mia Blake, Alison Bruce, Stephen Lovatt, Jarod Rawiri and such on stage, it also comes in two parts. It’s a ridiculously huge show (and opens at Q on the 21st of March).

Following that is Sunday Roast with new artistic director Sophie Roberts in the directors chair (yeah! fist pump!), Belleville starring Sophie Henderson as we’ve never seen her before, The Blind Date Project (fascinating) and if you’re clever enough to be a season ticket holder you get The Height of The Eiffel Tower in your own home. Phew. It’s a really diverse and exciting season.

What shows are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments!

(and miss The Basement? That’s a post of its own perhaps.)



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