While has been two years old for a wee while now it has taken me a bit of a while to put together something to say thank you. Thank you for reading, for liking, for occasionally giving me a comment or a tweet in response to what I write.

Every now and then I have an existential moment of why on earth do I do this?! And then I remember, it’s because I want to share things with you. My thoughts, my likes, on an odd occasion my dislikes, but mostly things I have come across, loved and wanted to share with the rest of the world. This website is where I get to do that.

With that in mind I figured the best way to say thank you would be to go for the Things That Are Good, in other words – some of my favourites (and this year, there are two!)

So here goes!


There are two prizes. One beauty oriented, one theatre oriented. Both winners will also receive some Maasdam and Cumin Gouda cheese, a block of Whittaker’s Chocolate and a bag of Solly’s Jelly Rings (because they are the bomb s***). You’ll also receive a Penguin Book style wallet (made by me) in the title of your choice. Unfortunately this giveaway is New Zealand only (because I don’t think it’s a good idea to send Cheese overseas in the post).

PLUS copy

beauty prize

Lush dream cream is a life saver if you have dry skin, excema, any sort of skin irritation. It can be slapped on to any part of your body and works wonders.

Meanwhile the toner tabs are little pockets of absolute joy. These little fizzers are my go to when I need a bit of a pick me up. Toss it in a bowl of boiling water, place a towel over your head and enjoy the steam that lifts up. When it’s cool you can dip in a muslin cloth and tone your face happy.

At the moment Benefit makes up 90% of my daily face, blush, foundation, primer, eye shadow, mascara, brows… but of the lot my favourite products are They’re Real Mascara and the good old original Benetint. They’re Real has yet to flake on me and makes my eye lashes look incredible. A hint of Benetint on the cheeks and lips gives you just that little bit of flush to perk the face up a bit.



You may have noticed that I like theatre and I don’t think that enough people get out and enjoy it with me. So here’s your chance. Thanks to the lovely people at Silo I have a $100 voucher to give away. This will get you and a friend tickets to see a Silo show this year. You’ll receive a program with the voucher to help you make your decision and you’re welcome to tweet me for advice!

I also have two tickets to Black Faggot at the Herald Theatre on March 5th. Black Faggot was a stand out at last years fringe and this year is playing at the Wellington Festival. Playwright Victor Rodger wrote the play in response to the civil union bill, it is a story of love, in all variations.

To win this prize you must be able to attend Black Faggot on the 5th of March in Auckland.


The winner will be drawn next Friday (28th of February) at 12 pm. Winners will be contacted to organise receipt of prizes.

thank yous

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog! You guys are responsible for the other thank yous to follow! Also, thank you to Babs and Lush, Lee and Benefit, Tim and Silo and Alex and The Edge. Thank you so much for helping me give my followers something special. Thank you also to anyone else who ever offers to give me things, invite me places or asks for my thoughts as a consequence of this blog. Every email I get makes me squee with excitement. Last but not least thank you to Adam for occasionally writing for me and always being supportive, thank you to Laura and Liz for #bloggerbreakfastclub, to Megan at Thread and to all the other bloggers who are so damn lovely.

places to find me

If you enter the competition you’ll find these things anyway but I feel like I should list where I am below!

Twitter – where I am overly prolific but WILL chat with you.

And don’t forget to comment and like and stuff when you enjoy/ don’t enjoy things! Your thoughts help me make things better.


About madicattt

Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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  1. Fantastic competition, if I win I would prefer the beauty. Great FB page, keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on turning two! And awesome competition too!

  3. belindanash says:

    Huge congrats to you Ms Maddy!! I always read your blogs and I love your passion, wit and sass. It’s great to see how much you’ve grown. What an inspiration!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and keep ’em coming!!!! xxx

  4. Therese says:

    Congratulations Madicatt on turning two! I would be thrilled to win either of the two prizes, they both sound amazing. Thanks so much for holding the draw. Best of luck of everyone :)

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