The Good Things Wishlist #2

My wallet and I have been on a tight leash recently. One would think that would mean that my head would be thinking in austere and frugal terms but surprise surprise that is by no means the case.

Rather, austere times means grandiose dreams or at the very least – ‘I WANT TO BUY ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME.’ But alas, not for now little consumer brain brat.

It does make for a growing shopping list however, one which I am more than happy to share with you.

ttgw2Lets begin with the dresses (dress one, two, three). These beauties are from Modcloth which is now a major obsession thanks to a certain F.dJ. Curse her. Francesca has a ridiculously cool wardrobe and when you ask where from? The answer is always Modcloth. I need some of this goodness in my life.

Moving along to the constant staples on my wish list. Karen Walker jewellery. You’d think I’d get over it, but until I actually buy myself one of those costume necklaces the obsession will continue. Also. That ring. How cool is it?! And with blue topaz in it. Phwoah. Topaz is my birth month stone fyi.

The bracelet is on sale at the moment at Ruby and there’s something about it. So simple, so light. It’s only $15 so I should probably just buy it.

As for the palette. Lets not talk about it except to say that I am so dark to not have this in my life. And so dark on all of you who do. Basic info – it’s the Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand palette featuring all you could ever need in cheek battle gear. Sigh.

Last but not least, this peacock lingerie duo is my current fave from Rose and Thorne. Do I need to explain why?

Oh. Also. Meadowlark dropped a new line. These are my favourite pieces.

meadowlarkStarburst, Hexagon, Arrow

Oh man, am I consistent or what.


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2 Responses to The Good Things Wishlist #2

  1. fadejong says:

    haha! Yay!!! glad someone can share my Modcloth addiction with me!!

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