Bullet Catch




It would be fair to say that I hadn’t really thought through what Bullet Catch would be all about. It just sounded exciting and it was magic so I thought I would head along.

So when I say it turned out to be a show that was all about the bullet catch stunt, well that should have been obvious. But nevertheless I did not anticipate it.

Never heard of the bullet catch? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a gun is shot at the magician, and the magician catches the bullet in his teeth. Obviously it’s pretty dangerous and a fair few people have died attempting it.

That last detail opens up a world of questions, and it are those questions that seem to form what Bullet Catch is actually about. As much as it is a magic show, it is a conversation about life, about free will, about probability, led by magician, Rob Drummond. It gets pretty heavy.

At the shows conclusion I found myself thinking, ‘what did I just watch.’ An audience member had left in tears three-quarters of the way through the show and that had changed the whole tone for me. What is life? And would you shoot a gun at a person just because a magician told you to at a magic show?

Tonight (Friday 28th) is Bullet Catch’s final night.  It’s on at The Hannah Playhouse (formerly Downstage). For more information and to buy tickets go here.



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