The Performance Arcade

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images by jane hakaraia

The Performance Arcade is an annual multi art form installation taking place on Wellington’s waterfront. It’s on at the moment by Waitangi Park, so we headed down to check it out.

In some ways it’s pretty ‘art wank’, abstract pieces of work that seem to serve no real purpose. But at the same time it’s enchanting, it appeals to the curious mind and is a real delight to explore.

We encountered what appeared to be a shower installation but then turned out to be the result of an overflowing bath tub above. We were encouraged to help weave by a girl who simply passed us a string and whispered ‘weave’ in my ear. We stood amongst towering containers as they emitted post apocalyptic sounds. And most curiously we met a man who has spent the last three years trying to walk through walls (he is yet to succeed). This encounter was very odd, as the artist started to describe his work, his growing relationship with walls, his hopes to eventually succeed at walking through one, I began to feel really overwhelmingly concerned for him. What if he really truly thinks he’ll walk through a wall and it never happens and he realises these three plus years have been all for nought? Or as my mother suggested, maybe he knows it won’t happen and is just enjoying the journey.

The Performance Arcade is really something to behold. It’s an experience, which I imagine will elicit different responses from every person who happens to encounter it.

If you do happen to go and check it out then please, let me know what you liked, what you discovered.

I’m curious.

IMG_5773Oh and this is simply an example of Wellington being great.


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