The Art Resuscitation Project

Occupied territory re-invigorated 2013 sml
images from Paul Forrest’s website, click through for original page

Yesterday my mother and I ran into my grandfather outside the Michael Fowler Centre. We were supposed to be catching a bus up to the University but nosed our way inside and found something quite special.

Paul Forrest and The Art Resuscitation Project.

John Gully sml

The Art Resuscitation Project is about taking old prints and giving them new life. Recently resuscitated prints lined the walls and Forrest himself was working away in a corner.

We distracted him from his work to ponder his latest piece and to contemplate an upcoming one. A profile of a rather distinguished looking man – he was going to get a new background, something to make him ‘pop’.

The idea of painting over someone else’s work may sound horrifying but what Forrest is doing is magical.

“I’m treating them with playful respect, not obscuring but highlighting and enhancing. I like to think that the original artists would find a sense of delight in the process” – Forrest.

The end results are truly stunning. My favourite of the lot is the one below.

Twinkle twinkle give the dog a bone 2013 sml

Dogs, glittery trees.

Please, Mummy, please?

Paul Forrest is installed at the Michael Fowler til the 16th of March. Go and see him, the works are lovely.



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