The Beautiful Ones

After discovering The Art Resuscitation Project we talked my grandfather into spending some quality time with us, driving to the University. There we went to see The Beautiful Ones, a new work, written and directed by Hone Kouka.

On at Victoria Uni’s Studio 77, The Beautiful Ones was a story of love, heart ache and separation set within the club, ‘Sirs’.

While I think that the narrative still needs some work, the club setting allowed for some really great work to emerge.

As an audience we began the show outside, waiting to be let in by the bouncers before entering the club and encountering the Sirs. We were soon seated but given plenty of opportunity to interact with the cast onstage.

Once inside the club stunning AV designed by Johnson Witehira mapped Māori across multiple screens while music pumped out of the speakers or from the mouths of performers live on stage. 

Of these, Kali Kopae was an absolute siren to behold, while Sharn Te Pou made us melt in our seats. 

The Beautiful Ones was a revelation of talent. The cast whether singing or dancing gave us a strong idea of what they could do while the design was in my mother’s words, hard to beat.

It closed last night at Putahi Festival.



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