The Crab Shack




Besides watching shows there were two things I wanted to do while in Wellington.

One was walk to Lyall Bay. That didn’t happen.

The other was to go to The Crab Shack. That did happen.


The Crab Shack is a Cape Cod style restaurant on the Southern End of Shed 5. I had walked past it a couple of weeks ago and vowed that I would eat there some time soon. From the outside it screamed that it would be another restaurant ala Mexico, Orleans and Miss Clawdy but with a fishy twist.

With my mother in tow, we popped in for lunch during a break between shows and shows and shows. We’d discovered early on in the week that with night time performances, lunch was our staple meal of the day.

As we poked our heads inside, we were first met with a total absence of customers. Are you open? I asked and a waitress quickly replied yes we are! We were led to select a table and once seated were quickly introduced us to the style of the restaurant and the daily specials.


With our phones plugged into the conveniently located plug beside our table we got stuck into ordering. Starting with the daily special sliders…. (two lamb, one salmon)


and the Cajun catch of the day – Charcoal barrel grilled terakihi with a lime and red pepper sauce on a potato rosti and served with coleslaw.


We were pretty pleased with this selection.


The sliders were yummy but the terakihi really stole the show. The textures, the flavours, it all complimented each other superbly with tangs and crunches and smooth, flaky perfectly formed fish.

Every detail at the Crab Shack seemed to be crafted to create the atmosphere of a place where you’d ideally eat seafood, from the blue and white checkered napkins to the enamel bowls to the crab pots hanging from the roof. My only negative would be that I was disappointed that they had run out of soft shell crab!

The Crab Shack really ticked the boxes for me and is a restaurant that I am champing at the bit to take Adam to (I want an excuse to order the kg of paddle crab with garlic butter!!!!). The prices were totally reasonable, the food delectable and the service really friendly. Even better? It totally filled me up for an afternoon of The Beautiful Ones.


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4 Responses to The Crab Shack

  1. amythlf says:

    the paddle crab is amazing! You MUST go back to try it!

  2. frockandroll says:

    The Crab Shack is PHENOMENAL! I visited for the first time back in September and was super-impressed: friendly staff, fun decor and the meals… OH THE MEALS! Delicious :)

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